Your TU Dublin Students' Union Team



Full-Time Officers

Brian Jordan (He/Him) – President 

Brian is the Two-Term President of the Students’ Union and acts as the Chief Spokesperson and head  of the Organisation. Brian studied Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition, starting in Cathal Brugha  Street and finishing in Central Quad with a First Class Honours (and a Faculty Award!) 

Throughout his four years in TU Dublin, Brian has been a class representative, school  representative, student councillor, college officer and Chairperson of the national award-winning LGBTQ Society.

His goals for this year include a far more aggressive approach towards the accommodation crisis (the  government currently makes it impossible for Technological Universities to build student  accommodation), far more direct action [protests, walk-outs, public demonstrations] when formal  channels fail (students shouldn’t have to beg for seats and affordable food), and to expose failings by  the Government & University Executive Team in protecting students. 

Fun Fact - Brian’s current interests include chess and (still cheap) wine! 

Email:  Mobile: 083 193 0223


Read Brian’s Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Louise Kavanagh (She/Her) – Deputy President and Vice President for Communications and Media 

Louise Kavanagh she / her is the returning Deputy President and Vice President for Communications  and   Media. She graduated in 2022 with a BA Hons Creative Digital Media in the Blanchardstown  Campus. Louise   is passionate about improving the student experience across TU Dublin and  advocating for students in areas   such as the cost of college, accommodation crisis, and travel to  campus. 

Fun fact - Louise was on an Irish reality TV show a long time ago! 

Email: Mobile:086 065 4572





Read Louise’s Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here



Shauna O' Toole (She/Her) - Vice President for Academic Affairs  

Shauna O' Toole is the VP for Academic Affairs. She is a recent graduate of the Film and Broadcasting  programme in the East Quad. She has been heavily involved with the Access Service as a volunteer  peer mentor and went in to become co-ordinator. She has also served as a class rep and a student  councillor for her four years in university. Shauna is extremely passionate about access to quality  education for all TU Dublin Students. Shauna is excited to bring her access experience to represent the entire body of students. 

Shauna's key areas of work will be improving the class rep election system, giving a voice to apprentices, working on some campaigns, and most importantly getting TU Dublin Students a Student Charter. 

Fun fact -Shauna wanted to be a nun when she was younger 

Email: Mobile:086 603 1075




Read Shauna's Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Nekesa Khisa Nancy (She/Her) – Vice President for Welfare & Equality

Nekesa is an International student  from Kenya currently pursuing an MA in Public Affairs & Political Communication.  

Nekesa who is among the 2022/23 Government of Ireland Scholar holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in  Communication and Political Science from the University of Nairobi. She is also a  holder of a Diploma in Photojournalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. Before  joining TU Dublin for her Master’s Program, she worked as a Journalist with Kenya’s leading  newspaper, the Communications Agency, Corporate sector, NGO and Government. 

Nekesa's key areas of work will focus on Health and Welfare, Accommodation, Ethnic  Diverse Students, LGBT+ and International Students, among other key issues.

Fun Fact – Nekesa hates surprises......whatever you do, never surprise her! 

Email: Mobile:083 105 2061


Read Nekesa’s Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Ian Kelly (He/Him) – Vice President for Events & Engagement   

Ian Kelly is your returning VP for Events & Engagement for TU Dublin Students' Union, and this year has been elected to represent the whole of TU Dublin. He is a recent Visual Communication graduate and during his time in college has served as the Grangegorman college officer and has been a director on the board for the 2 years. Ian was also heavily involved in overall Union activities and was a member of the events crew and student media crew.  

Ian’s key areas of work this year will revolve around organizing and running fun and memorable events for students both on and off campus, with an overall aim of increasing student engagement across the whole university. Ian will also be responsible for fundraising this year's chosen RAG charity which is the Irish Cancer Society.  

Fun fact - Ian has never had a hot his life!! 

Email: Mobile:086 603 1076




Read Ian’s Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Jeremy Lawler (He/Him) - Vice President of Blanchardstown Campus

Jeremy is the Blanchardstown Campus Vice President. He is a recent graduate of Community and Youth Development. During his time in college, he was involved as a student rep and student Councillor. He wants to work to improve the facilities within the Blanchardstown Campus and have more events based in Blanchardstown. He is passionate about ensuring the Campus is accessible and students have a fun learning environment. 
Fun fact - He was a mascot for the Leinster team as a kid

Email: Mobile:087 400 7512



Peter McCann (He/Him) – Vice President of City Campus 

Peter is the Vice President for the City Campus. He is a recent Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate. Starting all the way back in Bolton Street and moving to Kevin Street before finally finishing in Grange Gorman, he’s seen it all. Over the last two years he has served as a class representative as well as a student councillor and is a current member of the Electoral commission. Peters main objectives this year are to focus on the student engagement and facilities in the TU Dublin city campuses. He wants to work closely with the president to secure the basics, such as water fountains and seating as well as making sure the students are happy in their campus. 

Fun fact – Karpackie is Peter’s favourite beer! 

Email: Mobile:086 603 1213




Sheran Bahadir (She/Her) - Vice President of Tallaght Campus

Sheran is the Campus Vice President For Tallaght Campus. She studied Computing with Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning in college. During her time in college she was a class rep and student councilor, and was involved with many societies. This year Sheran wants to improve facilities and get more students from Tallaght campus to engage with the union. She wants to improve the college experience for all Tallaght students.

Fun fact - Sheran got a worm tattoo in honor of our mascot wormy!

Email: Mobile:087 400 7510


Part-Time Officers

Access Officer

Jack Jennings [He/Him] 

I am the TU Dublin SU Part-time officer representing ACCESS students, l am here to advocate, work with, and be a guide for ACCESS students across all campuses  


Disabilities Officer

Ciara McKenna [She/her] 

As disability officer, my job is to enhance the college experience for students with disabilities by making it more inclusive and accessible. I hope to ease the challenges that students with disabilities face, in all aspect of student life including academic and social, by working with the disability office and the student union.  


Ethnic Diversity Officer

John Benedict Ocampo Divinagracia.  

My role as an ethnic diversity officer is to ensure that racial harmony is reached in TU Dublin. My remit is focused on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion principles and making sure that students are safe while being intellectually nurtured at TU Dublin. My role in the TU Dublin Student's Union entails reinforcing ethnic diversity and ethnic minority rights by means of mandates to reach racial harmony and promote coexistence despite being from different backgrounds.  

On a personal note, I am a second-year Mechatronic (robotic) engineering student, class rep, student council officer, faculty board member, student ambassador, campaign manager, sports club secretary, and entrepreneur. I like cooking, sports, performing, and 1 speak 8 languages. 


Oifigeach Gaeilge Páirtaimseartha (Gaeilge) 

Éadaoin Ó Snodaigh [Sí/í - She/Her] 

Bhí suim mhór agam sa Ghaeilge ó a bhí mé óg. Tá taithí agam i ról cosúil leis seo ón meánscoil, bhí mé mar Chaptaen Gaeilge i gColáiste Íosagáin. Is iad mo phríomhchuspóirí don bhliain ná: Cinntiú gur féidir le mic léinn a n-ainm dlíthiúil a fháil ar a gcártaí aitheantais. Imeachtaí cultúrtha agus sóisialta a eagrú a thugann spás do dhaoine a bheith ag labhairt  Gaeilge agus/nó foghlaim faoin nGaeilge. Cinntiú go bhfuil na comharthaí eolais go hiomlán dátheangach agus an téacs Gaeilge le feiceáil ar dtús (de réir Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla). Gaeilge a spregadh san Aontas i mbealach spraoiúil agus nua-aimseartha. 

Is féidir dul i dteagmhail liom ag má tá aon smaointe nó ceisteanna agaibh. 

English Translation 

I've had a huge interest in Irish since I was young. I have experience in a similar role from secondary school being Irish Captain in Coláiste Íosagáin.  

My main goals for this year are: 

  • To ensure that students can get their legal name printed on their ID cards. 

  • To organise cultural and social events that enable people to speak in Irish and/or learn about Irish.  

  • To ensure that signs of information are fully bilingual with the Irish language text coming first (in accordance with the Official Languages Act) 

  • Encouraging Irish within the union in a fun modern way!  


Gender Equality Officer

Sylvie Molloy  [She/Her] 

Hey everyone! I’m Silvie, a bio analysis student here at TUD and your Gender Equality officer for the SU. I ran for this role as I believe everyone should be treated the same, have equal opportunities and most importantly, feel safe no matter their gender. This is something I feel quite strongly about, and I can’t wait for all the great things to come this year.  


International Student Officer

Marco Nocerino [He/Him] 

Hi guys! I’m currently studying Computing with Languages. I am dedicated to supporting students from diverse backgrounds who have chosen TU Dublin as their home away from home. I am here to address any concerns related to international student life, from navigating visa procedures to organizing cultural events, I am committed to make sure your academic journey is filled with diverse experiences. Feel free to approach me with any concerns, big or small. Your well-being is my top priority, let’s make your stay memorable!  


LGBTQ+ Rights Officer 

Jamie Murphy

Hey Gays! For those who don't know me, my name is Jamie! I go by he/him pronouns and I'm pansexual. I am a class representative, student councillor, Chairperson of the Neurodivergent Society of the Technological University of Dublin, Health and Safety Officer of the Nerd Society and Student Developers Society of TU Dublin Tallaght Campus, Tallaght Chairperson of the Society Executive Committee and now your recently elected LGBTQ+ Rights Officer of the TU Dublin Students' Union!

My main goals as the LGBTQ+ Rights Officer will be as followed:

  1. To promote and advertise important dates through the student union for LGBTQ+ students.
  2. Theme and create events based around said dates in my first goal and promote them accordingly.
  3. Streamline and simplify the process of name and gender changing for trans/non-binary students.

I will be doing other stuff as well, but this is what I'm aiming for. Hope to see all my peeps for a successful year! Stay slay!  


Mature Students Officer

Roberto Leahy 

Hey guys, I'm Roberto, I study Planning and Environmental Management in Bolton Street! I'm here to make sure the needs and voices of our mature students are heard within the SU so that this often-overlooked cohort receive the representation they deserve. Along with that, I hope to encourage our mature students to engage with the SU and college as a whole, whether it be through attending events or running for positions within the SU itself. 

P.s. If you come up tell me a top tier dad joke, I will grant you exactly one fist bump.  


Sustainability Officer 


Hello, My name is Amber and I have been elected as your Sustainability Officer. I am very excited to get started in this role and have many goals for the year,

Some of my main goals will be on recycling, waste management, biodiversity, improving energy usage, sustainable transport and infrastructure, and more engagement and events, amongst other things. 

I ran for this position as sustainability is a topic I feel very passionate about, I am a third-year environmental management student. I believe there is a lot to do to reach our targets and we can achieve these goals by working together and have big ambitions to achieve great solutions. I look forward to working with you all this year, so please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas or questions. Thank you!  


Placement Officer

Dominique Baldwin


I'm a mature student in my second year of Social Care and working as a Peer Mentor, Student Ambassador, and Student Councillor. 

I strongly believe that requiring adult students to work for free as part of their placement is unacceptable. It's even more concerning that some courses require placements to be completed elsewhere to avoid bias. 

Given the current economic situation, it's essential that students are paid for their placement work. I plan to work with officers, USI, and other organisations to address the issue of unpaid placements and to hold businesses accountable.


Post-Graduate Officer

Avice Meya

I am an international student from Uganda currently pursuing an MA in Public Relations and Communications. I am among the 2023/24 TU Dublin Elite sports scholarship holders. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Development studies from Kyambogo University.  I am a holder of an Advanced Diploma in sports psychology from the Behavioral Institute in Ireland. Before joining TU Dublin for my Master’s Program I worked in a law firm, child care centers, entertainment center and as well have been to various international and national swimming meets as a Professional Athlete

My key areas of work will focus on Post graduate students, Health and Welfare, Ethnic  Diverse Students, and International Students, among other key issues.