Overall President – Mark O’Donnell

Mark is the current VP for Events & Engagement, City Campus and Mark has a long history of student volunteering and activism. He has been heavily involved in DIT/TU Dublin societies down through the years. He is passionate about fundraising – he’s been at the forefront of the fundraising work for our RAG Charity – raising €20,000 so far this year!

Mark wants to focus on student facilities and wants to see us working more closely with TU Dublin Clubs and Societies. Click here to read Mark’s manifesto in full.

Email: president@tudublinsu.ie  Mobile: 083 193 0223

Post Graduate Officer - vacant, there will be a by-election called in semester 1.

Deputy President – Pádraic Keane 

Known as Spud round most parts, Pádraic is the current VP for Welfare & Engagement, Blanchardstown and he was previously Events & Engagements Officer with Clubs and Socs remit. Spud wants to continue to work with the local community, ensure that students are safe on campus and is particularly interested about equality on campus.

Click here to read Pádraic’s manifesto in full. He has more up his sleeve, but I guess we’ll have to wait until July to find out what other plans he has!

Email: deputy.bc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 086 065 4572 

Vice President for Welfare & Equality – Sinead Lane

Sinead is currently studying Community and Youth Development and this has really spurred her on to throw her hat into the ring for the position of Welfare & Equality. Some areas of Sinead’s interest are harm reduction and practical straight-forward sex education. Sinead is also very interested in environmental issues. We look forward to seeing Sinead’s campaigns! You can read her full manifesto here.

Email: welfare.bc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 086 065 4571


Part-Time Officers



Clubs & Societies Officer – Ellie Ward

Read Ellie’s manifesto here

Email: clubs.socs.bc@tudublinsu.ie



Events Officer – Clodagh Roche

Read Clodagh’s manifesto here

Email: events.bc@tudublinsu.ie 




Deputy President – Fionn Collins

Fionn has done time as Cathal Brugha Student College Officer, School Rep and was a Student Councillor for 4 years. He is also the current VP for Welfare & Equality, City. He has been around the block a time or two! Some of his special areas of interest are democracy, representation, the Irish language and class reps. Fionn hopes to finalise some of the work he has started as VP Welfare & Equality. Read Fionn’s manifesto here.

Email: deputy.cc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 086 603 1213


VP Education – Hamza Jamaa

Hamza the sequel – Hamza returns as VP for Education, City Campus. In the past Hamza has also been Cathal Brugha Street College Officer and has been a Student Councillor. On his return, Hamza wants to focus on class reps and representation. as well as continuing to run educational campaigns to ensure that TU Dublin students are as informed as possible. read Hamza’s manifesto here.

Email: education.cc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 086 603 1075


VP for Events & Engagement – Adam Clarke

Adam has been involved in TU Dublin’s Film Soc for a number of years, as well as being a Class Rep for 3 years. As well as School of Media Rep and the chairperson of Media & Arts 20/21. He is looking forward to channelling all that he has learnt along the way into the success of student events and engagement. Read Adam’s full manifesto here.

Email: events.cc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 086 603 1076



VP for Welfare & Equality – Aoife Meagher

Aoife has been a Class Rep and School Rep, she also has experience with LGBTQ Soc and has delivered USI Pink training. Aoife has loads of ideas about supporting students in relation to physical health, mental health and sexual health. She is passionate about equality and LGBTQ rights, rights for international students and those students with disabilities. Read Aoife’s manifesto here.

Email: welfare.cc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 083 105 2061


Part-Time Officers

Aungier Street College Officer - vacant, there will be a by-election called in semester 1.


Bolton Street College Officer – Bláthnaid Longmore

Read Bláthnaid’s manifesto here

Email: BST.cc@tudublinsu.ie 




Grangegorman Central Quad College Officer – Brian Jordan

Read Brian’s manifesto here

Email: ggcentral.cc@tudublinsu.ie





Grangegorman East Quad College Officer – Keely McLavin

Read Keely’s manifesto here

Email: ggeast.cc@tudublinsu.ie




Deputy President – Lesley Barrett

Lesley is returning to the Tallaght team, albeit in a new role. Lesley is the current VP for Welfare & Equality. Lesley knows what it’s like to struggle as a student and it is her mission to make the student experience as positive as possible. She wants to keep raising and solving the issues that are important to students. Read Lesley’s manifesto here.

Email: deputy.tc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 087 400 7510



Vice President for Education – Seán Farrelly

Seán is returning for a second year to this role. He wants to continue his work on improving the class rep system. Seán wants to listen to what students have to say and what their needs are within the TU Dublin system. He also wants to make the student experience fun and exciting, once we’re allowed back on site. Read his manifesto here.

Email: education.tc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 087 400 7511



Vice President for Welfare & Equality – Sean Delappe 

Sean has been involved with our campaigns on campus over the last few years, it is here that he realised that he had passion for student issues. He hopes returning to campus, inclusion of all students within the SU, finanical supports, mental health and exams will be his priorities over the next year. Read Sean’s full manifesto here.

Email: welfare.tc@tudublinsu.ie Phone: 087 400 7512



Part-Time Officers


Communications Officer – Áine Kane

Read Áine’s manifesto here

Email: comms.tc@tudublinsu.ie




Clubs Officer – Sophie Doolan

Read Sophie’s manifesto here

Email: clubs.tc@tudublinsu.ie




Events Officer – Eoin Carey

Read Eoin’s manifesto here

Email: events.tc@tudublinsu.ie




Societies Officer – Ishani Banerjee

Read Ishani’s manifesto here

Email: socs.tc@tudublinsu.ie