Looking for our elected officers? You will find a complete listing here.

If you are a student looking for advice, you contact our Student Advice Centre at email advice@tudublinsu.ie or you can contact your local Student Advisor below. You can also find lots of advice and information from the Student Advice Centre here.

Advice & Advocacy Team

Trish Cullen

Student Advisor, Bolton Street Campus



Barbara Murray Student Advisor, Tallaght Campus - barbara.murray@tudublinsu.ie 
Darragh O'Meara Student Advisor, Blanchardstown Campus - darragh.omeara@tudublinsu.ie
Maeve Gilmore Student Advisor, Aungier Street / Tallaght Campus - maeve.gilmore@tudublinsu.ie


Marketing and Media

Please send all marketing enquires to jason.aughney@tudublinsu.ie 

Please send all media enquires to emer.kington@tudublinsu.ie


All Staff

Jessica Gallagher General Manager 0862011328 jessica.gallagher@tudublinsu.ie
John Alinas Services and Events Executive 086 032 2577 john.alinas@tudublinsu.ie

Jason Aughney

Events, Marketing and Communications Lead

083 480 6707


Murray Aston

Graphic Design & Website Executive



Abby Connolly Welfare, Equality and Advice Lead 086 885 9103 abby.connolly@tudublinsu.ie
Liam Cosgrove Academic Affairs and Representation Lead 087 400 7511 liam.cosgrove@tudublinsu.ie

Caroline Fabry

Operations and Finance Lead

083 040 2501


Emer Kington Communications Executive 083 849 8583 Emer.kington@tudublinsu.ie
Caoimhín Kelly Democracy and Representation Executive 086 032 2588 caoimhin.kelly@tudublinsu.ie 
Lisa Kuzmina Finance Executive - lisa.kuzmina@tudublinsu.ie