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Jessica Gallagher - General Manager






Jessica is the newly appointed General Manager of TU Dublin Students' Union. Having joined the organisation in February of 2024.

Her core role is to support the work of the President and Officers in the achievement of their constitutional objectives, lead on the development and implementation of the Board’s strategic plan, in line with best practice and good corporate governance, and manage the staff and resources of the Union to ensure effective service delivery to students and collaborates closely with senior management in the University on various student initiatives.

Prior to her role in TU Dublin Students’ Union, Jessica worked in number of NGO's in both management and senior management positions in the Homeless, and Older Persons sector.

You can see more on Jessica's LinkedIn profile - here


Jason Aughney - Events, Marketing and Communications Lead

Jason Aughney has been the Events Marketing and Communications Lead for TU Dublin Students’ Union CLG, (previously DIT Students’ Union CLG), since 2018. In his multifaceted role he is responsible for onsite and offsite Events, Marketing bookings/activities, and overall communications across the organisation, of which he reports on to the General Manager.
Jason is also responsible for maintaining our current services whilst identifying and investigating the possibility of providing new services for students. He acts as a support to our Events and Engagement Officer whilst keeping with the Communication needs of the Students’ Union President.
Prior to his role in TU Dublin Students’ Union, Jason worked in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown as Students’ Union President for four years and later went to work in eBay for just under two years. You can see more on Jason’s LinkedIn profile here.


John Alinas - Services and Events Executive







John joined the TU Dublin Students' Union team as the Events & Services Executive in 2023. John's role supports the running of key commercial services of the Union through our TUDSU+ service across our 5 different locations. If you need leapcards, class hoodies, branded sweaters, merch or some just some craic John is your man! Alongside the elected officers John also aides in the rolling out of our hectic events schedule.

Previously John has managed projects, operations, marketing and events for numerous organisations in the Higher Education sector. In his spare time John nourishes his passion for content creation and photography.
Find out more about John here


Caroline Fabry - Operations and Finance Lead







Caroline Fabry was appointed Operations and Finance Lead in the TU Dublin SU since 2021. Her role includes supporting the board of directors of the TU Dublin SU CLG for all their meetings, committees, and subcommittees. Her role is multifaced and also includes HR support to both operational staff and elected sabbatical officers.

Before joining the Students Union, Caroline worked for a non-profit in the homelessness sector as project manager and in an international NGO in fundraising. She holds a master’s degree in Political Sciences.


Murray Aston - Graphic Design & Website Executive

Murray has been working for TU Dublin SU CLG in the capacity of Graphic Designer since 2019.
Murray is our chief creative graphic designer. As a certified graphic designer he earned his bachelor’s degree in Communication Design with TU Dublin. Murray's day to day work encompasses everything from brand identity design, packaging design, photo-editing, content creation  and really any design output that the company requires.

Murray has become intrinsic to TU Dublin SU not only through design but also his happy creative approaches and smily demeanour.


Liam Cosgrove - Academic Affairs and Representation Lead

Liam is our Academic Affairs and Representation Lead having joined the TU Dublin Students’ Union team in 2022.  

In his role supporting our student officers, Liam oversees the development and delivery of core services for our members within the broad Education remit; including but not limited to academic policy, education campaigns, the Class Rep system and the Advice Service. Liam holds a BA in Politics and Sociology from Maynooth University. 

Prior to this role Liam worked in the PR and Communications sector for a number of non-for-profit and youth organisations as well varying roles within the higher education sector including serving as President and CEO of Maynooth Students’ Union. You can find out more about Liam on LinkedIn here


Abby Connolly, Welfare,Equality and Advice Lead







Abby Connolly joined the Student Union in 2023 as Welfare, Equality & Advice Lead. Her main roles include the effective delivery of welfare, equality, and advice services for students, leading the student advisor team, and supporting the elected officials with policy initiatives and campaigns. 

Before joining the Student Union, Abby worked in the Dublin City Council Public Library Service with a focus on patron welfare. She received her BA in English Studies from Trinity College Dublin in 2022.


Trish Cullen - Bolton Street Student Advisor







Trish Cullen has been a Student Advisor of TU Dublin SU CLG, (previously Dublin Institute of Technology SU CLG) since 2012.

Trish is responsible for front-line information and advice service in Education & Welfare for students on campus. Trish is responsible for the provision of accurate and appropriate advice and information to students in relation to welfare and education matters, in line with TU Dublin SU CLG policies and practice in terms of confidentiality, boundaries, record-keeping and excellent customer service.

Trish is also responsible for the administration of the Class Rep system and local democracy (including elections) on the Bolton Street Campus.


Barbara Murray, Tallaght Campus Student Advisor

Barbara Murray has been a Student Advisor of TU Dublin SU CLG, since March 2024. Before joining the Students' Union, Barbara worked for South Dublin County Council as well as many educational institutes.

Barbara is responsible for front-line information and providing an advice service for students on  Tallaght campus. Barbara is responsible for the provision of accurate and appropriate advice and information to students in relation to welfare and education matters, in line with TU Dublin SU CLG policies and practice in terms of confidentiality, boundaries, record-keeping and excellent customer service.

Barbara is also responsible for the administration of the Class Rep system and local democracy (including elections) on the Tallaght Campus.


Darragh O'Meara, Blanchardstown Campus Student Advisor







Darragh began working as a Student Advisor for the Blanchardstown Campus in 2023.

Darragh is responsible for providing the students on Campus with front line information and advice. In line with TU Dublin SU CLG policies and procedures, Darragh will deal with any queries student may have regarding Education and Welfare matters on campus.

Previous to joining TU Dublin SU, Darragh was employed as a Societies & Student Volunteering Development Intern on the Blanchardstown Campus. Darragh also holds a BA in Sports Management & Coaching from TU Dublin and is responsible for the administration of the Class Rep system and local democracy (including elections) on the Blanchardstown Campus.


Maeve Gilmore, Student Advisor

Maeve joined the Student Advice team in September 2023.

As a member of the Student Advice team, Maeve is responsible for providing students with reliable advice and information they may need relating to their welfare or academics, in accordance with TUDSU CLG standards and procedures. Her role also includes administrative support for local elections on the Aungier Street campus for the class rep system and democracy including elections.

Maeve holds a BA Psychology and Sociology from University of Limerick and has experience in student representative structures as she was elected Deputy President Welfare Officer for ULSL in 2022/23. She has spent many years volunteering with youth organisations and charities specifically focused on young people's mental health and wellbeing.


Caoimhín Kelly, Democracy & Representation Executive

Caoimhín joined the TU Dublin Students Union team as Democracy and Representation Executive in 2023. 

In his role, he supports, assists and administers all democratic processes across the Union, whilst maintaining and upholding constitutional compliance. His role also includes the coordination of key democratic pillars of the Union like the Student Council, the Electoral Commission and Union Elections. 

Caoimhín holds a Master degree in European Union Law from the University of Amsterdam, and has previously worked in the public sector with Ireland’s Foreign Ministry.


Emer Kington, Communications Executive

Emer Kington joined the team in 2022, as Communications Executive.

In her role she is responsible for all internal and external communication plans and managing digital media platforms. These platforms include Social Meida channels, the Website, Email Marketing and the Monthly Newsletter. Emer is the key contact for media queries, as well as creating Press Releases and facilitating photoshoots, video interviews and phone interviews for the elected officers. Some bigger projects she is also responsible for is working on updating strategies, brand development and a website redevelopment plan for 2024.

Emer has a BA in Digital Media and Business, and has been working in higher education since 2021.

Lisa Kuzmina, Finance Executive







Lisa Kuzmina joined the TU Dublin Students’ Union in 2024 as Finance Executive. Her main role is to contribute to the financial management of the Students’ Union ensuring that key stakeholders are aware of and comply with their financial responsibilities and the finance procedures and controls in place.

Her main responsibilities relate to maintaining and preparing monthly financial management reports and annual accounts to provide the Operations and Finance Lead, the General Manager, the Board and the team of full-time Officers with timely and accurate financial information to enable the achievement of agreed budgets and ensure that well informed decisions are taken where there are specific financial implications.

Lisa is a graduate of Dundalk Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance.  She has over 15 years of experience and prior to joining the Students' Union, she held finance positions in a variety of sectors, including working as a senior auditor in several accounting firms and as a senior accountant in a number of US multinational companies.