The Class Rep is the voice and the elected representative of the entire class. The rep represents students views at Class Rep Meetings and raises issues at Programme Committee Meetings with TU Dublin. Class Reps are elected by each class. They gather feedback from their class, express their views to TU Dublin and the Union and bring more feedback back to their class. This flow of information is crucial as it enables the Union to be responsive to student needs and in turn this strengthens the power of TU Dublin SU to lobby for improvements.

Class Reps are the essential link between:

  • Students
  • The Programme of Study
  • TU Dublin
  • TU Dublin SU

How do I become a Class Rep?

Fill out a Class Rep Nomination Form today! Please Note the Nomination form closes on Wednesday the 6th of October at 5pm.

Throughout September and October of each year, there is a recruitment drive for Class Reps. If at any time during the year you are interested in filling a vacancy or would like us to run a recruitment drive for a vacancy, please contact your local SU office. You will find full contact list here or you can contact your relevent education officer, contact details here.


To give you an overview of what a class rep does and some background information on the SU, we have produced a Class Rep Handbook for your information. You can download the pdf version here

Class Rep Meetings

Class Rep Meetings (or CRMs) are chaired by the local College Officer and administered by the local Student Advisor. Just like it says on the tin, it is a meeting of class reps. There are a minimum of 2 per semester and they are usually held at lunch - for your trouble you will get a lunch voucher (or maybe even pizza). This is an opportunity for you to hear what is happening in TU Dublin and TU Dublin SU, but it is also a chance for you to meet other class reps and voice any issues that you have.

Programme Committee Meetings

Programme Committee’s sit once a semester and are an opportunity for constructive dialogue between Class Reps across your course and staff in order to make improvements to your course.


You can read Class Rep Meeting Minutes from each campus here:

2019 - 2020 (before move)

2020 - 2021