Semester 2 - March Meetings

  • Aungier Street - TBC 
  • Blanchardstown - Thursday 24th March - 1pm-2pm - Room TBC 
  • Bolton Street - Wednesday 23rd March - 1pm-2pm - Room BL-228     
  • Central Quad - Monday 21st March - 1pm-2pm - Central Quad - Room CQ-007           
  • Tallaght -Wednesday 23rd March - 5pm-6pm - Room TBC
  • East Quad - Thursday 24th March - 1pm-2pm - Room EQ-112  


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The Class Rep is the voice and the elected representative of the entire class. The rep represents students views at Class Rep Meetings and raises issues at Programme Committee Meetings with TU Dublin. Class Reps are elected by each class. They gather feedback from their class, express their views to TU Dublin and the Union and bring more feedback back to their class. This flow of information is crucial as it enables the Union to be responsive to student needs and in turn this strengthens the power of TU Dublin SU to lobby for improvements.


Class Reps are the essential link between:

  • Students
  • The Programme of Study
  • TU Dublin
  • TU Dublin SU

How do I become a Class Rep?

Class Rep Nominations are closed!

We're delighted to inform you that there was a fantastic response to this year’s Class Rep campaign. We got literally hundreds of nominations! It’s great to see some many students eager to represent the interests of their fellow students and be the voice of the class within the university and the Students’ Union.

Following the close of nominations, we are now sorting through the nominees(phew!).

  • Where one student has been nominated as the Rep for their programme/ they are now deemed to be elected as the Class Rep for 2021.

We will contact these Reps in the next day or so to confirm their election and to let them know details of their first Class Rep Meeting that is taking place later in October.

  • For classes where we have received more than one nomination, we will be conducting elections starting on Monday October the 11th.

Most of these will take place online and we will be emailing those classes directly with the Ballot Paper listing the names of the candidates who rea nominated so that students can decide who their Rep will be. In some instances, we intend to conduct these elections in person in each class on campus, where this is feasible. (Covid-19 restrictions may influence this decision).

Thanks again to everybody who has put themselves forward to be the voice of their class. This is a critically important role in the university and for the Students’ Union and we look forward to working closely with you all, supporting you with training and other resources during the coming year.

Throughout September and October of each year, there is a recruitment drive for Class Reps. If at any time during the year you are interested in filling a vacancy or would like us to run a recruitment drive for a vacancy, please contact your local SU office. You will find full contact list here or you can contact your relevent education officer, contact details here.


To give you an overview of what a class rep does and some background information on the SU, we have produced a Class Rep Handbook for your information. You can download the pdf version here

Programme Committee Meetings

Programme Committee’s sit once a semester and are an opportunity for constructive dialogue between Class Reps across your course and staff in order to make improvements to your course.

Class Rep Meetings

Class Rep Meetings (or CRMs) are chaired by the local College Officer and administered by the local Student Advisor. Just like it says on the tin, it is a meeting of class reps. There are a minimum of 2 per semester and they are usually held at lunch - for your trouble you will get a lunch voucher (or maybe even pizza). This is an opportunity for you to hear what is happening in TU Dublin and TU Dublin SU, but it is also a chance for you to meet other class reps and voice any issues that you have.

Your next Class Rep Meeting will take place on:

  • East Quad - Monday, 15th November - Room EQ002
  • Central Quad - Tuesday, 16th November - 1-2pm - Room CQ106
  • Aungier Street - Wednesday, 17th November - 1-2pm - Room AST2 - 016
  • Blanchardstown - Wednesday, 17th November - 1-2pm - Room E005
  • Tallaght - Wednesday, 17th November - 5pm-6pm - Room TBC
  • Bolton Street - Thursday, 18th November - 1-2pm - Room BST-227

You can read Class Rep Meeting Minutes from each campus here:

Class Rep Minutes (2020 - 2022)

2019 - 2020 (before move)