No Class Rep, No Voice! 

The Campaign to get all the Class Reps elected is underway! 

Every programme in TU Dublin is entitled to have a Class Rep, chosen by the class to be their voice within TU Dublin and the Students’ Union. This includes all undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, and part-time programmes, we have almost 1,000 Reps in TU Dublin! 

The Class Rep is an elected role, as the voice of the class they are the go-to person, the problem-solver who raises issues on behalf of their peers and communicates on behalf of the class with academic staff and the Students’ Union.  



Why should I run for Class Rep?? 

  • It’s very valuable experience. Employers are always impressed with job applicants who have been involved in any leadership roles during their time at college, in addition to getting their academic qualification.? 

  • You can develop your communications, networking, and negotiation skills, 

  • You get great training, provided by the SU and supported by TU Dublin.  

  • You can get a Digital badge once you have successfully completed the Our Student Voice - Training for Class Reps programme. 

  • You can improve the quality of your Programme by ensuring any problems are dealt with quickly and effectively at Committees, Course Boards.??? 

  • You get freebies – a free lunch voucher at the Class Rep Meetings, an exclusive Rep Discount Card, t-shirts and hoodies.?? 

  • You to get to know all the students in your class and Reps in other programmes in the university.? 

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are doing an important job for the benefit of your fellow students. 

What exactly would I have to do as the Class Rep?? 

  • Attend your local Class Rep meetings to connect with the SU and other Reps. We will give you a free Lunch Voucher! 

  • Update your classmates from these meetings to let them know what was discussed and pass on any important info from the university.? 

  • Attend the Programme Committee where you can bring feedback on the course and raise any issues on behalf of the class and then update the class on developments.?? 

  • Inform the SU if there are any difficulties your class is experiencing, and we will advise you on how to get solutions.? 

  • Let your Classmates know about SU Events, promotions, offers, maybe organise a class party and get lots of freebies for your class!? 

  • Have fun!? 


What training will I receive? 

  • All elected reps are invited to attend our annual Class Rep Training event. This is designed to help develop the skills and knowledge to help you be effective in the role; you will have the opportunity to network with other students and have fun! 


  • This year it’s taking place after Review week in early November (precise details will be announced next week). We will give you a letter of attendance for any lectures/labs that are on that day. 


  • There’ll be other training events throughout the year to help in your role, so make sure to keep an eye out for this. 


I’m interested, what do I do next? 

We are electing Reps in every class across the university in the coming weeks!  

  • Once elected, we will be in contact with the dates of your Class Rep Meeting and other fun stuff! The second Class Rep Meetings are scheduled as follows: 

    • Monday 14th - BST - 1pm - Room BST 228

    • Monday 14th - Blanch - 1pm - Room BLAT1

    • Tuesday 15th - Tallaght - 5pm - Room 146/148

    • Tuesday 15th Aungier Street – 1pm - Room AST-2-046

    • Wednesday 16th – East Quad – 1pm - Room EQ-208

    • Thursday 17th - Central Quad - 1 - Room CQ-212


Class Rep Karaoke anyone?!