Every programme in TU Dublin is entitled to have a Class Rep, chosen by the class to be their voice within TU Dublin and the Students’ Union. This includes all undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, and part-time programmes, we have almost 1,000 Reps in TU Dublin! 

The Class Rep is an elected role, as the voice of the class they are the go-to person, the problem-solver who raises issues on behalf of their peers and communicates on behalf of the class with academic staff and the Students’ Union.  

What does a Class Rep do?

  • Attend your local Class Rep meetings to connect with the SU and other Reps. We will give you a free Lunch Voucher! 

  • Update your classmates from these meetings to let them know what was discussed and pass on any important info from the university.

  • Attend the Programme Committee where you can bring feedback on the course and raise any issues on behalf of the class and then update the class on developments.

  • Inform the SU if there are any difficulties your class is experiencing, and we will advise you on how to get solutions.

  • Let your Classmates know about SU Events, promotions, offers, maybe organise a class party and get lots of freebies for your class!

  • Have fun!

What are the benefits of being a Class Rep?

  • It’s very valuable experience. Employers are always impressed with job applicants who have been involved in any leadership roles during their time at college, in addition to getting their academic qualification.

  • You can develop your communications, networking, and negotiation skills, 

  • You get great training, provided by the SU and supported by TU Dublin.  

  • You can get a Digital badge once you have successfully completed the Our Student Voice - Training for Class Reps programme. 

  • You can improve the quality of your Programme by ensuring any problems are dealt with quickly and effectively at Committees, Course Boards.

  • You get freebies – a free lunch voucher at the Class Rep Meetings, an exclusive Rep Discount Card, t-shirts and hoodies.

  • You to get to know all the students in your class and Reps in other programmes in the university. 

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are doing an important job for the benefit of your fellow students.

How are Reps elected? 

At the start of every academic year we run a class Rep recruitment campaign to get as many Reps elected as possible.

Keep an eye out for our 2023-24 Class Rep Recruitment Campaign. Could YOU be one of our new Reps?