WANTED: Courageous Mavericks for the TU Dublin SU Class Rep System! 



Howdy there, partner! Are you ready to saddle up and make a real difference in the realm of education? TU Dublin SU is callin' on all you trailblazing, frontier-hearted students to join our posse and become Class Reps – the fearless leaders of the academic Wild West! 

WANTED: Sharpshootin' scholars with a passion for progress and a commitment to representin' their fellow students. If you ain't afraid to stand up for what's right, reckon you've got the grit to corral concerns and round up ideas, then you're the perfect fit for our team.

Why Become a Class Rep? 

  • Be the Voice: Dust off those spurs and put your opinions on the table. As a Class Rep, you'll be the voice of your fellow students, making sure their ideas, issues, and suggestions are heard loud and clear. 

  • Forge Alliances: Just like outlaw gangs turned loyal posses, you'll work closely with faculty and students to improve the academic landscape. Round 'em up, partner, and let's wrangle some solutions together! 

  • Experience the Finest Training: Get ready for an education hoedown! Whether you're rustlin' cattle online, rustlin' up in-person discussions, or kickin' up dust overnight at a 4-star hotel, we'll provide you with top-notch training that'll have you ropin' in success. 

  • Rewards that Shine: Collect digital badges, awards, and CV recognition like gold nuggets. Show the world you've got the grit to lead and the heart to serve. 

  • Reap the Rewards: Sweaters to warm your spirits, discounts that'll make you holler "Yeehaw!", lunch vouchers to keep you fuelled, and friends for life – that's the loot you'll plunder as part of our Class Rep posse. 

  • Leave a Legacy: Every Class Rep leaves a mark on the campus rodeo. Be remembered as the trailblazer who brought change and unity to the student community. 


Become a Part of Our Posse: 

TU Dublin Students' Union Class Rep System is the chance to make your mark, to ride the academic plains with determination, and to turn challenges into golden opportunities. So, don your Stetson, hitch up your belt, and ride into the sunset with us. 

Remember, partner, it's not just a role – it's a legacy! Join the Class Rep System today and help us shape the future of education like true frontier heroes. 



How are Reps elected? 

At the start of every academic year we run a class Rep recruitment campaign to get as many Reps elected as possible.

Process for Recruiting and Electing Class Representatives 2023/24:

Approved by Electoral Commission 

September 11th: Nominations Open and the Class Rep Recruitment Campaign begins. 

The campaign centres around an online nomination form (NOW CLOSED) allowing any student anywhere to nominate themselves for the position of Class Rep of their programme. 

October 1st: Nominations Close.

October 2nd: Elections begin:

  • If there is only one nomination for a position after nominations close, then that nominee is deemed elected without need for election.

  • If there is more than one nominee for any one position after nominations close, the Students Union will arrange for an election to take place in that class by the 13th of October 2023.

October 13th:? All Elected Class Reps will receive a welcome email confirming their election, Class Rep Handbook and be invited to attend their first CRM the following week.

October 16th: By-Elections Open: Remaining positions are open for Co-option. This will be first come first serve.