An example of the work that the SMC by Phillip Simango, Sept 2019


Get paid to do what you love! We are always looking for videographers, photographers, graphic designers/illustrators and writers/contributors. If you have any questions or would like to come in and have a chat, email Eve at for more details.

How It Works

Fill out this short contact form here, and then join our SMC facebook group here.

When there is a job, which could be anything (but might look like: attending on of our night-time events, photographing our elected officers or recording a video update with them), it will be put up on our facebook group with a request to email if you are interest. It is done on a first-come first serve basis mostly - but we do try and spread out the work as much as possible, especially giving newbies a chance to partake. 

Once you send an email you will be sent a short brief describing the job and how much it pays. All our jobs are paid.


If you don't have much experience, we may ask you to shadow one of our more experienced members for your first assignment. They are all lovely, and many of them started in the same way. Let me know if you have professional experience and what sort of equipment you have. 


Writers Always Wanted!


We have a fantastic news & entertainment website that for students, written by students. We are very proud of and we are always look for content, ALWAYS looking for articles! Themed ones go down especially well - think freshers experiences, freshers week, halloween, christmas, exams, new year, valentines day, exams, accommodation etc. etc. etc. anything that effects may effect the life of a student.