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Student Council is the main decision-making body for TU Dublin Students’ Union. Students Councillors are elected from across all campuses and there are 101 council members in total.  


Student Councillors attend 7 meetings in an academic year together with 100 other council members to debate and discuss critical student issues and hold the Students’ Union accountable. In Student Council, you can make a true change – you can bring forward issues that you find important to student life for your Students’ Union to work on. You will also meet other students from different courses and campuses, have fun together at the after meetings and it is a great way to get involved in student life. 


Here's the timetable for Student Council meetings 2022-2023:

  • Student Council Training – Monday 24th October in Bolton Street – Room BST281 

  • 1. Wednesday 26th October 2022 in Bolton Street - Room BST281 

  • 2. Wednesday 30th November 2022 in Bolton Street – Room BST281 

  • 3. Wednesday 14th December 2022 in Tallaght Campus – Room 001 

  • 4. Wednesday 8th February 2023 in Bolton Street – Room TBC 

  • 5. Wednesday 1st March 2023 in Blanchardstown Campus – Room TBC 

  • 6. Wednesday 22nd March 2023 (USI Hustings) in Bolton Street – Room TBC 

  • 7. Wednesday 19th April 2023 in mystery location   


Councillors debate motions and policies and oversee the work of the Students’ Union. All elected officers report on their work at each Student Council meeting and answer questions on their activities and campaigns.  


Become a Student Councillor!  

The following numbers of Student Councillor positions are available; 

  • Blanchardstown: 15 
  • Tallaght: 18 
  • East Quad: 8 
  • Central Quad: 17 
  • Bolton Street: 11 
  • Aungier Street/BIMM: 11 

All student councillor positions for academic year 2022-2023 are currently filled. 

If you have any questions in relation to Student Council, you can contact Anna Perho, our Representation and Engagement Executive at anna.perho@tudublinsu.ie

Useful Student Council Documents