Student Members of Electoral Commission  

TU Dublin Students’ Union has interesting positions for students in the Electoral Commission (the body who regulates the operations of all SU elections). Any registered student is eligible to nominate themselves for these positions, and the positions are filled by a vote in Student Council. Please consider nominating yourself to be a student member – it will give you valuable experience for the working life, new connections, and interesting experiences!  


We have nominations open for Electoral Commission now until 20th November 2022 4pm. You can nominate yourself via this form.


What is Electoral Commission?

As TU Dublin SU is a democratic organisation, elections are one of the most fundamental aspects of its functions and are taken very seriously. To ensure TU Dublin SU always conforms with its obligations and responsibilities, the Electoral Commission is regulating and making decisions about all elections, referenda and confirmation ballots.

What do Electoral Commission members do?

Electoral Commission has regular meetings where they decide how to run all SU elections which include e.g. Class Rep, Student Councillor and Officer elections. Electoral Commission members discuss and decide the practices and procedures that will be followed in the Students’ Union. The Electoral Commission initially establishes the rules of elections and oversees all procedures during elections.

Who can be an Electoral Commission member?

The Electoral Commission consists of an independent chairperson, an elected officer (usually the President) and four student members appointed by Student Council. Student members of Electoral Commission must be registered students of TU Dublin for the duration of their term. The term time for Electoral Commission is generally from November to the following November. The student members work on voluntary basis.

What is the benefit of becoming an Electoral Commission member?

Electoral Commission is one of the cornerstones of our Students’ Union as they rule the democratic execution of all elections. This position provides an insight to democracy and the members play a vital role in defining how all elections are run. You also get to work closely with a group of six people and learn how the Electoral Commission functions. If you are interested in democracy, this role is perfect for you!

How can you become a Commission member?

Nominations for Electoral Commission members for the Academic year 2022-2023 open on the 27th of October 2022 and are open until the 20th November 2022 via an online nomination form here. Any registered students can nominate themself for the positions. The Electoral Commission members are appointed by Student Council, so all nominees must attend the Student Council meeting at 6pm on the 30th November in Bolton Street Room BST281 and give a short introduction on why they are going for the position. After the meeting, Student Council will elect the Student Director via online election. Please note that Electoral Commission members elected in Student Council must be registered students of TU Dublin for the duration of their term (November 2022 -November 2023) and their registration status may be confirmed by TU Dublin SU. We hope you consider going for the position – if you have any questions please contact Anna at


Electoral Commissions Procedures document available here.