Holiday closure

December 15th is last day to collect merchandise and leapcards. Reopens on January 8th.


What is TUDSU+

TUDSU+ is our exciting new service which covers all of our common room events and activities, as well as the distribution of our promotional products and sale of our TU Dublin SU merchandise.


Where can I find TUDSU+

Our TUDSU+ offices are located on the following sites:

  • Grangegorman Campus - Ground floor of Lower House
  • Blanchardstown Campus - C Block, 1st Floor about the stairs
  • Tallaght Campus - SU Building
  • Aungier Street - Ground Floor SU Offices (Opposite Grumpy Mule)
  • Bolton Street - Ground Floor SU Offices (Inside SU Common Room)

*Note that our services go beyond the office and cover all of the activities and events in all of our common rooms across our entire University.


What services does TUDSU+ Cover

Our TUDSU+ services covers the following;

  • Sale of Student Leap Cards
  • Sale of Branded Merchandise
  • Sale of Lab Coats and Goggles
  • Distribution of TU Dublin SU Branded Promotional Materials
  • Provision of themed events and activities in our Common Rooms
  • Provision of Pool Tables, Games Consoles, Table Tennis and Vending Machines (*may vary depending on your site)



What are the Office Opening Hours?


Information on Services


Student Leap Card


Young adult (19-25)

If you are between the age of 19-25 then you will need to visit to complete your online application. Once completed, Leap Card will post your card out to you directly.

Student (26+) Leacard

If you are 26 years of age or older, you will need to visit to complete your online application. Once completed, Leap Card will email you a reference code. The code should read (example S-OZ6CNU-742915). Please bring this reference code to our TUDSU+ office, where we can print your card for you.

  • Leap Card - 10euro (5euro of which is for the purchase of the card, the other 5euro is used to top up your card)


Lab Coats & Goggles

Did you know that we also sell lab coats and goggles? These are available from our Lower House, Grangegorman campus office and are available for distrbution to our other sites. Below is list of the style of lab coats we provide as well the costs.

  • Howie Lab Coat - 20euro
  • V Neck Lab Coat - 15euro
  • Goggles - 5euro


Branded Merchandise 

TU Dublin / TU Dublin SU Branded Hoodies and Sweaters

We're delighted to announce that we've partnered with the University to provide you these TU Dublin / TU Dublin SU Branded Hoodies and Sweaters. Each come with the embroided TU Dublin Logo on the left chest with the TU Dublin SU logo on the right sleeve. Colour options at the moment are Navy with White Embroidery or Grey with Royal Blue Embroidery.

Contact for more information

  • Sweater - 30 euro
  • Hoodie - 35 euro

Class Merchandise