Training and Resources

On this page Class Reps can find a list of relevant Trainings available to them through-out the academic year, either in-person or online. You can also find our various resources to help you be the best Rep you can be!


  • Our annual Class Rep Training event was held at the 4 star Westgrove Hotel in Clane. This training is designed to help Reps develop the skills and knowledge to help them be effective in the role; an provide the opportunity to network with other students and have fun! (This training took place on the 6th & 7th of November 2023)

  • Our Student Voice - Training for Class Reps, a training developed in collaboration with TU Dublin and your Students' Union, is available online for all Class Reps!

  • There is also other training events throughout the year to help in your role, including training by the National Student Engagement Programme, so make sure to keep an eye out for these in your emails and on this page!

NStEP Training:

The National Student Engagement Programme, known as NStEP, will be delivering its Introductory Class Rep Training for TUDSU Class Reps on the Tuesday 6th of February. This training is designed to introduce key concepts and practical skills to help you succeed in the role. Over 6,000 student representatives across Ireland have received NStEP training, and 99% said they would recommend the training to other reps!      

Who should sign up for this training?     

This training is ideal for class reps in their first year of the role, or reps who did not complete NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training last year.  However, even if you did complete this training last year, you are welcome to sign up and participate again as a ‘refresher’ if you wish!    

How do I sign up?    

This training session will be delivered online.  In order to participate, you will need to register online in advance through Eventbrite. Please carefully type your email into the registration form – this will be used to as issue your digital badge!  

Tuesday 6th February, 18:00 - 19:30PM 

Training is peer-led by NStEP’s team of student trainers, each of whom are experienced in a variety of contexts relating to student engagement and student representation.  Visit to meet NStEP’s student trainers.      


After completing NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training, you will be issued with a digital badge. This is a milestone award, and can be used as the first step (of three) towards achieving a national Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.  To learn more visit   

Other Trainings: 

NStEP has launched a new Advanced Class Rep Training option for returning reps who have experience in the role, and who previously completed Introductory Class Rep Training.  NStEP also offers a ‘Representing Diversity’ training to help you represent your diverse peers and get them involved.  To sign up for either of these training modules go to   


NEW: NStEPs Governance & Student Representation Toolkit

This Toolkit gives a really useful overview of the key terms and need-to-know information in relation to Higher Education Governance and your role as a Student Representative. The Toolkit is available here: Governance and Student Representation Toolkit (

A full module is availble on the NStEP website here: Governance and Student Representation | NStEP (

TU Dublin SU Class Rep Handbook

Check out our 2023-24 TU Dublin SU Class Rep Handbook, your guide to being an effective Class Rep!

‘Our Student Voice’ Training Resources 

The Students’ Union and TU Dublin's have collaborated to devise the ‘Our Student Voice’ toolkit, designed to enhance the student voice in Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement Activities in the university. 

This involves a series of resources in the form of training scenarios and guides that cover all aspects of the Class Rep experience.  


Also included are details on how Class Reps can earn a Digital Badge for effective participation in quality assurance activities, such as the Programme Committee/Course Boards. 

How Class Reps Can Apply for a Digital Badge