Ballot Box: A closed container into which voters deposit their ballot papers during an election. 

Ballot Box Election: The ballot box election is the traditional form of voting which takes place directly at the polling place. 

Ballot Paper: The ballot paper is the form which eligible voters fill out in order to exercise their right to vote. 

By-election: By-elections are held to fill vacancies which arise before the end of the officer term. 

Candidate: An applicant for an (SU) position. 

Constituency: A constituency is a defined area in which voters elect a representative to a specific body. In SU elections, the general constituency is all TU Dublin students. For Campus VPs they are the students of that specific campus (Blanchardstown, City or Tallaght), for Postgraduate Officer it is all postgraduate students and for other Part-Time Officers it is the members of Student Council.   

Constitution: A constitution is a set of fundamental rules that determine how the Union is run. 

Democracy:  Democracy is a term used to describe systems of governing in which power ultimately lies with the people.  

Election Campaign:  During an election campaign, candidates compete for votes. 

Election Results: The election results are the final results of a concluded election. 

Elections: An election is a democratic procedure through which one or more persons are chosen as executives or representatives in certain bodies. TU Dublin SU Officers are chosen via elections. 

Executive: The executive in TU Dublin SU is made out of 8 Full-Time Officers, and it is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Union 

Full-Time Officer: This is an elected Officer role in the Students’ Union. Full-Time Officers are elected each spring to work for the Union for a one-year term from 1st July to 30th June  

Hustings:  An event where  each candidate can outline to the potential voters what they hope to achieve if elected, relevant experience, skills, passion, why they should be chosen for the position. The candidates also answer potential questions from the voters.  

Manifesto:  Manifesto is a written document that tells students what you hope to achieve if elected, outlines your experience, skills, passion and why you are the right person to lead the Union.   

Polling Place: A polling place is a physical location where people go to cast their vote during an election. In TU Dublin SU Officer Elections polling places will be located on each campus.

Quorum: A quorum is a threshold of votes which has to be crossed in order to have a valid vote or election. In the SU Officer elections, there is no set quorum.  

Spoilt Vote: A spoilt vote is a ballot that has been declared void and will not be included in the vote count. 

Voter Turnout: Voter turnout shows the percentage of eligible voters who actually cast a vote.