What is a Plebiscite? 

A Plebiscite is a public vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question that can influence the direction and policy of the Union. 

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Schedule G – Procedure for the Holding of a Plebiscite

1. The Student Council may submit a policy matter to a plebiscite of the membership in accordance with the terms of this Constitution.

2. The manner, including the time in which such a plebiscite is conducted shall be subject to the terms of this Constitution’s provision, at Schedule D, for holding a referendum as per Article 14 except as varied at 3 below, and shall be so established in a manner as set out by the Electoral Commission.

3. A petition for a plebiscite shall be submitted by the Student Council Chairperson to the Electoral Commission. The petition must be taken in a manner prescribed by the Electoral Commission and must be signed by not less than 5% of the Union’s membership and 25% of the total membership of the Student Council. The Electoral Commission shall rule on the validity of the request.

4. Policy so formed as a consequence of a plebiscite shall be binding on the Union for the period stated therein, provided that no such period exceeds 5 years and any policy so formed which does not have a stated lifespan shall be deemed to be for a period of 5 years from the date of the passing of the plebiscite.

5. The Electoral Commission shall cause to have a statement of information on the substance of the proposition in a plebiscite, to be generally published. This statement of information shall not advocate that members cast their vote in a particular manner but shall provide a series of statements for and against the proposition, as well as general information on the proposition.

6. The Student Council at its absolute discretion may cause to have materials published or created, which advocates that the members cast their ballot in a particular manner in a referendum or plebiscite. Should any member(s) wish to campaign in opposition to a position adopted by the Council, whether in favour or against any plebiscite, then the same level of resources shall be made available to them as to the Student Council, through the Electoral Commission.