Full-Time officer Elections for 2024-25 have concluded but you can find information about how we run elections on this page.

Could you be a candidate next year?

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What is an Election?

An SU election is a vote that happens every year where all students of TU Dublin get to vote for who they would like to lead the TU Dublin Students' Union for the next Academic Year.



Here you'll find a document that outlines the Post Specification for all TU Dublin SU Full-Time and Part-Time Officer roles here: 


Wonder what a year in TU Dublin SU would look like? Check out our Spotlight Document here:


What do Officers I elect get?


These roles provide exceptional experience and insight in various areas that will set you up for success in the working world such as: 

  • Governance 

  • Leadership 

  • Human Resources 

  • Campaigning  

  • Representation 

  • Advocacy 

Full-Time Officer Package:

TU Dublin SU offers an attractive and competitive package to officers who are successful in the election:  

Full Time Officers: 

President: €34,812 per annum. 

Vice-Presidents: €33,902 per annum. 

Work Phone & Laptop provided. 

Perks and Benefits: 

In your role as a Full Time Officer at the Students’ Union you will be presented with a variation of supports and benefits including but not limited to: 

High Quality Leadership Training 

Full-Time Staff Support 

Employee Assistance Programme 

All-expenses paid work trips. 

Networking Opportunities. 

Experiences of previous SU Leaders:

You can read about experiences and thoughts of former TU Dublin SU Officers here:



Full-time Officers and the Postgraduate Officer positions 

The term of Office for the Full-time Officers runs from July 1st, 2023, to June 30th, 2024, and are paid positions.  

For the Full-Time Officer positions, candidates can either take a gap year in their studies or have completed their programme. 

These positions are open to all registered TU Dublin students to consider, with some specific restrictions as follows:   

1. The Postgraduate Officer is a Part-Time position and candidates must be current students registered on a taught Postgraduate programme or as a Research student in TU Dublin.  

2. For the Campus Vice President (VP) positions, candidates must be registered on a Programme that is primarily based on the specific campus where they are running for election – e.g., in Blanchardstown for the Blanchardstown Campus VP position, in Aungier St, BIMM, Bolton St or Grangegorman Campus for the City Campus VP position, and in Tallaght for the Tallaght Campus VP position.  

Interested in running for election as Full-Time or Postgraduate Officer?  

Here’s what you need to do!  

  1. Decide what position you are interested in: Remember, you can only?be nominated for one position;  

  1. Write your Manifesto: this is the document that tells students what you hope to achieve if elected, outlines your experience, skills, passion, why you are the right person to lead the Union etc (See here for tips on how to write a Manifesto). 

  1. Find your Campaign Manager: this is the student who?will help you to organise and run your Election Campaign and must be a currently registered TU Dublin student. 

  1. Get the required number of TU Dublin students?needed to formally ‘nominate’ you.  Candidates for all positions must get nominated by current students, these are called ‘Proposers’, and are students who support you running as a candidate, and they must sign your Nomination Form. Proposers must be registered TU Dublin students.  For Full-Time positions you need 75 ‘Proposers’ and for Postgraduate Officer its 25. 

  1. Complete the Nomination Form: Nominations open at 9am on Monday 19th February and close at 1pm on Friday 1st March. Apply Here

  1. Get your Proposers details, write your Manifesto and get Election Photo:  Send all to   elections@tudublinsu.ie  before the close of Nominations at 1pm on Friday 1st of March.   

  1. NOTE: Late / incomplete nominations cannot be accepted – for a successful nomination you need to have filled out the Nomination form correctly and the documents must be received before 1 pm on March 1st.   

After the close of Nominations, you must: 

  1. Attend the Candidates meeting with your Campaign Manager on Monday 4th March 2024 at 6pm.  

  1. Start Campaigning after the candidates meeting!  

Each candidate is allocated a budget for promotional activities. This will be explained in detail at the Candidates meeting 

  1. Attend the ‘Leadership Debate’ on Thursday 14th March 

  1. Voting takes place on all on all TU Dublin campuses from 9.30 to 7.30pm on March 19th, 20th and 21st. 

  1. The Votes will counted on March 22nd and the names of the successful candidates who will lead the Students Union will be announced thereafter.

The Term of Office for the Full-time position runs from 1st July 2024 to 30th June 2025. 

We encourage all TU Dublin students to consider running for election to lead the Students’ Union next year!  

Should you have any questions about the Positions, the Nomination process or any aspect of the Elections 2024, please contact elections@tudublinsu.ie