We all have “Mental Health”, think of it like electricity where you live. It’s all wired up and running but if a fuse goes it can cause an issue with one area, and if there’s a power cut the whole house is out. If we look after our whole selves, (the seven dimensions) we can help prevent negative mental health.

Anxiety is a growing concern among people of all ages, and is becoming particularly prevalent in younger people. It is a term that can be confusing as it is generally overused. We all get anxious from time to time. In fact feeling anxious is perfectly natural and can be a good thing, it is the instinctive part of our brain telling us to be cautious of a perceived threat. HOWEVER, there is a difference between feeling occasionally anxious and having issues with anxiety. Let’s be honest there’s A LOT to feel anxious about right now but continual anxiety if left untreated can cause us to feel depressed, withdrawn and isolated. We have some helpful tips here for managing occasional anxiety but ALWAYS speak to a professional if you have serious concerns.

Did you know, as a student in TU Dublin you can access your college counsellor in confidence and it's FREE. Think of your mental health as the engine of a car. You don't have to wait till it breaks down to get a mechanic to give it once over, in fact, if you want to keep a car running you occasionally bring it to a garage just for a check over. So why not do the same with your mental health. Avail of the services, have a check in when issues start popping up rather than waiting until things get too overwhelming and your ‘engine’ overheats!


Information for the Student Counselling Service on each campus can be found here:

You can also get in contact in confidence with external services such as:

  • Niteline by calling 1800 793 793 between 8.30pm and 12.30am.
  • Pieta House by calling FREE on 1800 247 247 or texting ‘HELP’ to 51444
  • The Samaritans by calling FREE 116 123 emailing jo@samaritans.ie (both are 24 hours).
  • Turn2Me offer peer to peer supports as well as providing free online counselling
  • 50808 Is a crisis textline. Text ‘HELLO’ to 50808 to talk to a trained professional NOW.
  • Jigsaw provide ongoing support for young people aged 12-25.

And more information on mental health supports nationally can be found here 


If you have any concerns or are experiencing negative mental health the key thing is DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE, SPEAK UP!