Your sexual health is so important. Positive healthy sexual relationships are a good thing. 

On that note, do you know what's REALLY sexy?? CONSENT. Consent is sexy! 

You should be able to avail of Active* Consent training as part of your orientation for incoming first years. If for some reason you miss this, or wish to avail of it please contact us and we will try to arrange additional training for you / your class group.
Consent is not this big scary thing, that has to be so awkward and uncomfortable. Consent is OMFG! Ongoing, mutual, freely given. So basically just keep checking in with yourself and your partner, “Does this feel ok”, “Are you ok to keep going”, “I like this”. If a person is drunk, passed out or asleep, they CAN’T consent, even if they previously consented, it no longer applies! Mind yourself - do only what you feel happy and comfortable with, mind your partner - do only what they are happy and comfortable with, and you will have much better sexual experiences.

Did you know your college nurse and Students Unions give condoms and lube out for free.

Given the current situation and the fact that we are not on campus does not mean that you can’t avail of the free condoms service through other means such as through post  or they are in packs on the counters in some chemists (check locally). 

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. PrEP is taken by HIV negative people before having sex (pre-exposure) and after sex, to prevent HIV (this is called prophylaxis). For moe information on PrEP click here.

If your mental health is the engine of the car, and your physical health is the car itself, your sexual health is the accelerator, breaks and gears! And, just like the engine and the body work they also need the occasional check-up! 

You can speak to your campus Student Health Centre about any sexual health concerns you may have or to arrange an STI test (there may be a fee depending on your campus).

Click for information on the Student Health Centres in: Tallaght City Blanchardstown.

You can also check here for information on free STI clinics open nationally.

If you experience an unplanned pregnancy you may go through a wide range of emotions, positive and negative, and that is totally normal. 

It might be a good idea to talk to the campus counsellor in confidence.
Information for the Student Counselling Service on each campus can be found here:


You can also speak to the nurse for free and in confidence.

Click for information on the Medical Health Centres in: Tallaght City Blanchardstown

You can phone the ‘my options’ helpline for free and in confidence on 1800 828 010 for information and advice on ALL YOUR OPTIONS.

There is lots of information on unplanned pregnancy here and it also provides advice information and support for fathers and partners in an unplanned pregnancy situation.
If you want information on abortion click here.

We know from the Sexual Experiences Survery that a high number of third level students may experience some form of unwanted sexual advances, sexual assault or rape.
We also know that for many people they choose not to tell anyone for many different reasons. We also know from research for many people if / when they do tell someone it can be a massive relief and aid in healing.

If you experience any form of sexual misconduct, assault or rape you can speak in contact to the college counsellor or nurse in confidence using the details above.
You can also contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Center (DRCC) 24/7 on freephone 1800778888