Officer Reports

Blanchardstown Campus

City Campus

  • Hazel Doran-VP-Welfare and Equality
  • Saoirse Daly - VP Education
  • Ian Kelly VP - Events and Engagement
  • Moses Eusebio - East Quad College Officer
  • Magdalena Sedlmayr - Aungier Street College Officer

Tallaght Campus


LGBTQ+ Rights Officer Candidates

Giulia Bianchi

My name is Giulia Bianchi, I’m a first year pharmaceutical science student and class representative for my course. My biggest goal if elected is to work towards all students feeling safe and included by: Implementing specific support for students members of the LGBTQ community, especially if they belong to under represented groups, where students can connect with others going through the same experiences as them; Advocating for students to be aware and to understand how to access the services, resources and support that are available; Creating alcohol-free events to build a community that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, religion, etc..

Samantha Corcoran

I would be honoured to be your LGBTQ+ officer, and take the opportunity to draw up a blueprint of the form that advocacy can take through direct action within our college. Discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community takes many forms, and I will work closely with the Union officers to develop a complaints procedure that is simple, accessible, and trackable, so that instances of discrimination can be easily traced, and repeat offenders can be brought to the attention of those who have the power to illicit long-term change. I have a big mouth, let me utilise it by advocating for you!

Ross O’Carrol

As a student of Bolton street I feel the need to bring equality and diversity more to the campus


International Student Officer candidates

Marco Nocerino

Hello, I’m Marco Nocerino and as a proud italian student, I’m running for the position international student officer with the aim of representing international students. If elected, I will work towards achieving these goals: Promoting cultural exchange: i’ll organize events that highlights the diversity of cultures; Providing support services: international students face challenges in adapting to a new culture, language support, academic support; Encouraging diversity and inclusion: i’ll collaborate with student organizations, clubs, societies; Helping with irish bureaucracy: help with giving infos about getting pps number, susi, gp doctor, etc. If elected, I promise to work towards these goals.


RAG Charity Nominees

  1. Blood Bike East 
  2. Cardiac Risk in the Young Ireland 
  3. Cancer Fund for Children 
  4. Irish Cancer Society

Motions and Policies

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