Standing Orders for Hustings



Part-Time Officer Candidates 2022-2023

1. Gender Equality Officer

  • Silvie Molloy
    • Hey all! I’m Silvie Molloy, a second year bio analysis student. In my two years of college I’ve been the vice chairperson and chairperson of the WiSTEM society and I also was this years societies officer for Tallaght Campus. I feel like my experience in a society that promotes gender equality and working with the SU over the last year makes me a perfect candidate. If elected I promise to educate people on what gender identity is and hopefully teach people that they should never be limited by their gender identity.

2. Sustainability Officer

  • Magdalena Sedlmayr
    • Hello, My name is Magdalena and I am running to be Sustainability Officer. In my role I would like to work on effective and urgent Climate Action together with the Students of TU Dublin. As Aungier Street College Officer and as Climate Activist with Fridays For Future I have worked on climate literacy and political engagement before, and I would like to further stress their importance. Being the Sustainability Officer in the Students Union I would like to improve the Infrastructure for Climate Action in the College and empower more Student Engagement.
  • Sarah Thompson
    • Hi I’m Sarah Thompson. A passionate thrifter and crafter. I’m excited to bring new ideas for sustainability to TU Dublin! I’m hoping to bring new events, competitions and campaigns. I’m currently studying media so I’m excited to use my degree to spread a sustainable message.


3. ACCESS Officer 

  • Stephanie Lynam Sheridan
    • My name is Stephanie Lynam Sheridan and I was the class representative from 2021-2022 on TU Dublin’s Access Foundation Programme. I am a good fit for this role because I am a graduate of TU Dublin’s Access Programme and am currently an access student in the grangegorman campus. I have experience attending programme meetings and rectifying any issues students have during their studies. I use the resources that the college provides access students every day and can provide feedback and can collect feedback from other students on how access students can have an easier journey through college.  
  • Jack Jennings
    • I believe that I am an ideal candidate and for the part-time officer for Access because I have personally benefited from the service, and I understand the challenges faced by underrepresented students. TUD Access is doing important work in supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds in accessing higher education, and I want to help continue this work. As the part-time officer for Access, I will strive to expand and improve access initiatives, and work to ensure that students receive the support they need to succeed. I am committed to creating a more inclusive and accessible TU Dublin.


4. Ethnic Diversity Officer

  • Callum Breen
    • Hi, my name is Callum Breen. I am a first year in Computing, and I am a part of the Student Council, TUDSU CLG, the faculty board for Computing, and I am a class rep. This position means a lot to me, on both a personal level, and my want to do more and to be the change I want to see. I believe my skills that I have picked up in my short but eventful time here can be of great use to this college. I hope you all consider me as a worthy candidate.
  • John Benedict Divinagracia
    • As a third culture kid, I saw firsthand how important intermixing of culture is in helping us see past the barrier of our differences to minimize xenophobia.  I currently speak 8 languages, not because of my intellectual capabilities, but rather my immersion to different cultures, having lived in a melting pot of culture, Malaysia and Singapore. Despite having 3 main races, Indian, Malay, and Chinese, racial harmony is still observed. Events in school such as international day merged the 3 cultures seamlessly. I aspire to bring this to TU Dublin on a bigger scale to help us get closer to racial harmony and diversity.
  • Jedidiah Olanrewaju
    • Hi! My name is jedidiah Olanrewaju, but you can call me Jed. i am applying for the role of ethnic diversity officer because I believe I can help show the importance of knowing what different cultured there are in Ireland. There are many different kinds of nationalities in ireland and in our campus. We can all enjoy and learn from each of our experiences in different countries.


5. Mature Student Officer

  • Dylan Kelly
    • I am a current 1st year mature student within TU Dublin, and if elected, I will do my best to personally be the voice for any current and future mature students within TU Dublin in the 2023/24 academic year. I will make sure to bring up any and all issues that are facing mature students now and in the future to the Student Union. I will also get in contact with the mature student society within TU Dublin to arrange for more events to happen in the coming years.
  • Roberto Leahy
    • Hello, I’m Roberto! I’m a first year Environmental Management student in Bolton St. Experience: Class Rep, School Rep and Student Councillor within the SU.  In Societies, I have been Secretary, Events Officer, Social Media Officer and Chairperson. Goals: Create a Mature Student network for feedback and issues (via WhatsApp); Promote the mature student route to local communities; Work closely with the Mature Student Society on events and initiatives; Help integrate mature students into the SU web; Host Monthly mature student events and promoting other SU events; Encouragement to run for SU positions; Encouragement to Participate in student activism.

6. International Student Officer

  • Charles Gallagher

    • My name is Charlie. I want to run for international officer as we have a few student coming here to study on the blanchardstown campus both full time and for Erasmus. I want to represent those students on the student council as I have a strong background in politics and international relations and affairs.


  • Christina Grammatikopoulou 
    • Here's to the international students, who feel misrepresented! Here's to the international students, who are coming into this country blind! Here's to the international students, who are still struggling with the bureaucracy after months of living here! I already had to struggle before moving to Ireland. When I thought all of those obstacles were over, I come into the country and I am faced with more. This one's for us international students who are desperate for help, for resources, for advice, for support. The university and union has the ability to provide all of that. Let's make it happen together.

7. Gaeilge Officer

  • Éadaoin Ó Snodaigh
    • Dia dhaoibh! Is mise Éadaoin. Tá suim ollmhór agam sa Ghaeilge toisc gur í mo theanga dúchais agus teanga na hÉireann. Ba bhreá liom Gaeilge a neartú san ollscoil ag tosú leis an Cumann Gaelach a laidriú. Tá na Cumann Gaelaigh in ollscoileanna eile lán-sásta cabhrú linn. Ba mhaith liom cinntiú nach mothaíonn éinne fágtha amach ónár dteanga. Beidh sé mar cuspóir agam ranganna Gaeilge a chur ar fáil do dhaltaí. Ranganna do thosaitheoirí agus do dhaoine líofa. Tá sé mar sprioc agam neart imeachtaí a chur ar siúl don ollscoil. Rudaí ar nós ciorcal comhrá, céilithe, seisiún ceoltóirí tradaisiúnta.


8. LGBTQ+ Rights Officer 

  • No nominations


9. Disabilities Officer

  • Oriana Byrnes
    • My name is Oriana Byrnes (She/Her), and I am currently a first year Clinical Measurement Science student. As a young disabled person with primarily hidden disabilities, I know the struggles and disadvantages that disabled students face in third level education. I want to be able to make the positive changes that I know we deserve. I want students with disabilities to feel comfortable and accepted in their college environment and to know that someone who understands their needs is representing them. That is why I would like to run as the Part-Time Disabilities Officer for 23/24. Thank you!
  • Fiona Ennis
    • As part time disability officer, I wish to raise awareness of the issues affecting people with disabilities across all campuses. I will work towards increasing the accessibility to services, academic materials, and overall accessibility on campus. As a person with an invisible disability, I want to ensure that those with disabilities feel seen, respected, have their needs met, and are given the opportunity to feel comfortable in their learning environment. I would be a good candidate for part-time disability officer as I am passionate about human rights, equality, and making college a better, more inclusive environment for those experiencing disabilities.
  • Ciara McKenna
    • The right to education is one of our basic rights as listed in the Internal Bill of Human Rights yet there is still a great disparity when it comes to access to education especially for students with disabilities. My goal as disability officer would be to improve access and quality of education for students with disabilities by working with the Disability Office to enhance students time here at TUD especially in terms of exam/assessment provisions and access to lecture material as well as emotional support. Ensure that disabled students can have the same quality as education as their peers.
  • Becky Murphy
    • Hi , my name is Becky and would like to be a part time office for disabilities as I believe having representation of both visible and invisible disabilities is important to ensure all people and their concerns are heard by a person who has had similar experiences.
  • Jamie Murphy
    • Hello all. My name is Jamie Murphy. I am running for the part time disability officer role in the Student Union. The reason I am running for this position is to bridge the gap between disability services between campuses and make students registered or non registered with the disability service be truly connected with the resources available. I hope you will elect me!



USI Candidates 

  • President
    • Clifford, Chris (Munster Technological University Kerry Students’ Union)
    • Curtin, Patrick (South East Technological University Waterford Students’ Union) 
    • Gujulla, Sai - See manifesto here - @sai4usiprez on Instagram (Comhalatas na Mac Léinn Ollscoil na Gaillimhe) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • VP for Dublin Region
    • Murphy, Nathan (Dublin City University Students’ Union) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • VP for Academic Affairs
    • O'Mahony, Bryan (South East Technological University Waterford Students’ Union) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • VP for Campaigns
    • Albarghouthi, Zaid - See manifesto here (Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union) .
    • Hynes, Aoife (Maynooth University Students’ Union) 
    • Portbury, Kieron (Queens University Belfast Students’ Union) 
    • O’Mahony, Christine - See manifesto here (Dublin City University Students’ Union) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • VP for Welfare
    • Murphy, Colette (Dublin City University Students’ Union) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • VP for Equality & Citizenship
    • Curry, James (Technological University of Dublin Students’ Union) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • Leas-Uachtarán don Gaeilge (VP for the Irish Language)
    • Lewandowska, Alicia (South East Technological University Waterford Students’ Union)
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)
  • VP for Postgraduate Affairs
    • Mubashar Saeed, Muhammad (Dublin City University Students’ Union) .
    • Sardina, Seathrún (Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union) 
    • Sayyam Afzal, Muhammad (Dublin City University Students’ Union) 
    • Re-Open Nominations (Obligatory Alternative)