By-Election 2023

7 Full-Time Officers for TU Dublin SU were elected in March 2023, but there is still one TU Dublin SU Full-Time Officer position remaining open for Academic Year 2023-2024. You can find the candidates running for the position and information on the polling here.



First count:

  • Total poll: 1328

  • Spoilt votes: 13
  • Total valid poll: 1315
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 658
  • Dominique Baldwin votes: 562
  • Peter McCann votes: 671
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 82
  • Results: Peter McCann deemed elected on first count.

Find information on the whole new elected SU team 2023-2024 here


Candidates for City Campus Vice President


Dominique Baldwin

Giving Students a Voice; Cheaper food alternatives across all campuses and every canteen; Give students more recreational spaces and study spaces that are made for students only; Vending machines in East Quad; Hybrid/Online Learnin; Safety for ALL students on campus; Improved communication from college, i.e. exam timetables, course start dates etc; Return Student Car parking facilities in Grangegorman; Creating fairness for students who face financial and other collegial difficulties; Explore the need for on-campus childcare amenities; Greater supports around Mental Health & Self Care; Supporting the upgrade of infrastructure on all campuses.

Read Dominique's Full Manifesto that sets out the goals for the year here

Peter McCann

Hello City Campus! My name is Peter McCann, and I am running for the role of vice president of city campus for the academic year of 2023/2024. I am currently studying electronic engineering in Grangegorman and want to run to show more visibility to the engineering departments, as well as use what I have learned to better the experience at TU Dublin. That said, Bolton Street, Augier Street and Grangegorman all have problems that need to be addressed and with help from the students these can be resolved. Vote for me for a better City experience.

Read Peter's Full Manifesto that sets out the goals for the year here



 Voting took place Thursday 20th April on City Campuses - find the tally here!


Here you can find updates on the total tally of votes for City Campus Vice President in TU Dublin SU By-Election 2023.

Thursday 20th April 2023

City Campus Vice President votes


2pm 1110
5pm 1300
7:30pm 1343



Information for candidates below 

Candidates' Campaign Expenses

All TU Dublin SU Officer Candidates have a budget that they have to follow during the campaigning period. The budgets and allocations used can be found here. There is a separate printing budget for all candidates. 

  1. City Campus Vice President - Budget €75
    • Dominique Baldwin - €0 used
    • Peter McCann - €32,9 used on 20th April 2023 for sweets, €42,1 of budget remaining


Role Descriptions 

Please find a document that outlines the Post Specification for all TU Dublin SU Full-Time and Part-Time Officer roles here: 

·TU Dublin SU Officer Role Descriptions



Electoral Information Manual - Rules for nominations, campaigning and elections


The independent Electoral Commission of TU Dublin SU is regulating the SU Officer Elections 2023. All City Campus Vice President Candidates must read and agree the terms as set out by Electoral Commission here in this document:



How to run for City Campus Vice President:

  1. Write your Manifesto: this is the document that tells students what you hope to achieve if elected, outlines your experience, skills, passion, why you are the right person to lead the Union etc  
  2. Find your Campaign Manager: this is the student who will help you to organise and run your Election Campaign and must be a currently registered TU Dublin student on City Campus.
  3. Get the required number of TU Dublin students needed to formally ‘nominate’ you. Candidates for all positions must get nominated by current students, these are called ‘Proposers’, and are students who support you running as a candidate. Proposers must be registered TU Dublin students. For Full-Time positions you need 75 ‘Proposers’.
  4. Complete the Nomination Form: Nominations for City Campus Vice President are open between Monday 3rd April 1pm and Wednesday 12th April 1pm (nominations have closed)
  5. Get your Proposers details, write your Manifesto and get Election Photo:  Send all to before the close of Nominations at 1pm on Wednesday 12th April 2023. 
  6. NOTE: Late / incomplete nominations cannot be accepted – for a successful nomination you need to have filled out the Nomination form correctly and the documents must be received before 1pm on April 12th.


After the close of Nominations, you must: 

  • Attend the Candidates meeting with your Campaign Manager on Wednesday 12th April 6pm via Teams.
  • Start Campaigning after the candidates meeting!  
    • Each candidate is allocated a budget for promotional activities. This will be explained in detail at the Candidates meeting.
  • Attend the ‘Leadership Debate’ on Tuesday 18th April 5pm.
  • Voting takes place on all TU Dublin campuses on Thursday 20th April 2023. 
  • The Votes will counted on April 21st and the names of the successful candidate who will become City Campus Vice President for the Students’ Union in 2023/24 will be announced.


The Term of Office for the Full-time and Postgraduate positions runs from 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024. We encourage all TU Dublin students to consider running for election to lead the Students’ Union next year! If you have any questions about the Position, the Nomination process or any aspect of the Leadership Race 2023, please contact