Students' Union Elections 2023 - The Leadership Race!


TU Dublin Students’ Union is the representative organisation for all TU Dublin students, it is led by students for students and advocates on behalf of the student body to advance and defend their rights within the university and at national level. Here you can find the results of the Elections for Full-Time and Part-Time Officers that took place in March and April 2023. 

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Election results


Students of TU Dublin voted for their new SU leadership 2023-2024 via on-campus elections on 28th, 29th and 30th March 2023. The Count took place in Bolton Street Stage Area on Friday 31st March 2023, the recording of the count can be found here. Thank you to all candidates and to everyone who voted.

The results of the count are as follows:

1.    Blanchardstown Campus Vice President

First count:

  • Total poll: 484
  • Spoilt votes: 32
  • Total valid poll: 452
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 227
  • Jeremy Lawler votes: 326 
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 126
  • Results: Jeremy Lawler deemed elected on first count


2.    Tallaght Campus Vice President

First count: 

  • Total poll: 463
  • Spoilt votes: 24
  • Total valid poll: 439
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 220
  • Sheran Bahadir votes: 389
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 50
  • Results: Sheran Bahadir deemed elected on first count.


3.    Postgraduate Officer

First count:

  • Total poll: 226
  • Spoilt votes: 8
  • Total valid poll: 218
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 110
  • Jessica Perez votes: 210
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 8
  • Results: Jessica Perez deemed elected on first count.


4.    Vice President for Welfare and Equality

First count:

  • Total poll: 4743
  • Spoilt votes: 115
  • Total valid poll: 4628
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 2315
  • Hazel Doran votes: 1279
  • Nekesa Khisa Nancy votes: 2134
  • Sophie Warren votes: 1008
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 207
  • No candidate reached quota on first count, RON is elimininated and the votes redistributed. 

Second count:

  • Non-transferable votes: 92
  • Hazel Doran votes: +18, coming to total of 1297
  • Nekesa Khisa Nancy votes: +27, coming to total of 2161
  • Sophie Warren votes: +70, coming to total of 1078
  • No candidate reached quota on second count, Sophie Warren is eliminated and the votes redistributed. 

Third count:

  • Non-transferable votes: 272
  • Hazel Doran votes: +288, coming to total of1585
  • Nekesa Khisa Nancy votes: +518, coming to total of 2679
  • Results: Nekesa Khisa Nancy deemed elected on third count.


5.    Vice President for Academic Affairs

First count:

  • Total poll: 4754
  • Spoilt votes: 199
  • Total valid poll: 4555
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 2278
  • Shauna O Toole votes: 4180
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 375
  • Results: Shauna O Toole deemed elected on first count.


6.    Vice President for Events and Engagement

First count:

  • Total poll: 4782
  • Spoilt votes: 172
  • Total valid poll: 4610
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll) :2306
  • Ian Kelly votes: 4102
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 508
  • Results: Ian Kelly deemed elected on first count.


7.    Vice President for Communications and Media

First count:

  • Total poll:  4771
  • Spoilt votes: 153
  • Total valid poll: 4618
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 2310
  • Louise Kavanagh votes: 4080
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 538
  • Results: Louise Kavanagh deemed elected on first count.


8.    President

First count:

  • Total poll: 4719
  • Spoilt votes: 85
  • Total valid poll: 4634
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 2318
  • Saoirse Daly votes: 2013
  • Brian Jordan votes: 2508
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 113
  • Results: Brian Jordan deemed elected on first count.


9. City Campus Vice President

By-election (Link to all the information on By-election)

First count:

  • Total poll: 1328
  • Spoilt votes: 13
  • Total valid poll: 1315
  • Quota (50% + 1 of total valid poll): 658
  • Dominique Baldwin votes: 562
  • Peter McCann votes: 671
  • Re-Open Nominations (RON) votes: 82
  • Results: Peter McCann deemed elected on first count.


What are the elections about?

Students of TU Dublin elect their new SU leadership via on-campus elections. Polling took place on campuses in March, and all registered TU Dublin students were eligible and encouraged to use their voice in electing the leadership for the Academic Year 2023-2024. A By-Election for City Campus Vice President will take place in April 2023 on City Campuses. The elected students will represent and work for the Union in the following roles:

  1. President (elected by all students)
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs (elected by all students)
  3. Vice President for Welfare and Equality (elected by all students)
  4. Vice President for Events and Engagement (elected by all students)
  5. Vice President for Communications and Media (elected by all students)
  6. Campus Vice President for Blanchardstown (elected by Blanchardstown Campus students)
  7. Campus Vice President for City (elected by City Campus students)
  8. Campus Vice President for Tallaght (elected by Tallaght Campus students)
  9. Postgraduate Officer (elected by Postgraduate students)


Candidates 2023

1. President - Candidates

Saoirse Daly

Making it into third-level education is an amazing achievement. I want to ensure that TUDSU does everything within our power to make the student experience as best as it can be. That means affordable options for food and socialising. We also need to see fairer policies within this institution, and facilities that enable students to feel like they have a safe home away from home. If elected, I will effectively fight for all of the above and more. 

Social Media Handles: @Saoirse_4_President - Instagram

Read Saoirse’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Brian Jordan

Hello everyone! My name is Brian Jordan and I’m running to be your President of TU Dublin Students’ Union for a Second-Term. Over the last 8 months, I passed a record-breaking referendum, ensuring the Students’ Union wastes far less of your money. I also increased events and engagement on-campus and off-campus, with TU Dublin’s largest ever Freshers and RAG weeks. Our democracy has never been so strong (over 800 class reps, 100% student councillors), and above all, we’re FINALLY. GETTING. MICROWAVES. Vote for me this year and I promise you 1) Radical Student Action (let’s protest), safer campuses, and a 3 year funding agreement with the University (better events!)

Social Media Handles: @Literal_perfection_exists - Instagram, @brianjordan100 - TikTok

Read Brian’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here



2. Vice President for Academic Affairs - Candidates

Shauna O Toole

Hey! My name is Shauna and I’m running to be your VP for Academic Affairs. I’m a final year Film & Broadcasting student who is specializing in Radio Broadcasting. I have been actively involved in a number of extra curricular activities while also attending to my studies.I have a wide range of experience in various leadership roles and I am extremely passionate about equal opportunity in education. I truly believe there is a huge amount of strength in the student voice and I want to be one of the officers you elect to help you, as a student, use that voice to make real change to your own college experience.

Social Media Handles: @shaunaotx - Instagram

Read Shauna's full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


3. Vice President for Welfare and Equality - Candidates

Hazel Doran

Hi, my name is Hazel. I’m your current VP for Welfare and Equality in city campus. I’m asking you to re-elect me as VP for Welfare and Equality overall.The wellbeing of all our students is paramount to me. I'm so passionate about this role and about fixing the disparity that exists between different TU Dublin locations. There are many issues that need to be tackled in the coming year. These include increasing engagement, lobbying for improved health services in Tallaght and Blanchardstown, Better supports for mature students, internationals, and postgrads among others. Please Vote Doran #1 from March 28th!

Read Hazel's full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Nekesa Khisa Nancy

Hi everyone, This is Nekesa, a Postgraduate Student in Public Affairs & Political Communication with a deep passion to serve who believes that Student’s lives, and how they enjoy or do not enjoy their college years largely depend on welfare. Because let’s face it, the welfare of students is everything as it determines the quality of life. But the link breaks when this becomes a school management issue, rather than a student-driven issue. I believe we are still struggling with this balance. Our voices have not been heard loud enough! As VP, Welfare and Equality, I want to return this power to the students for our voices to be heard.

Read Nekesa’s ful Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here

Sophie Warren

I believe all students should be well educated on various topics within the college and that everyone should know they have a voice, and that there voice will be heard. Regardless of gender,sex, sexual orientation or race.


Read Sophie’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here



4. Vice President for Events and Engagement - Candidates

Ian Kelly

Build on the success of this year’s Freshers Fest; More subsidised events for students! (spending student money on students); Events, Events, Events!!! (Build on the night time experience across multiple venues with an added focus on more evening common room events that tie in with clubs and societies); RAG Year not week!; International trips and challenges; Free pool tables; Updating of common room spaces (New furniture, updated games consoles, basically investment in infrastructure); Free stuff! (There is a cost of living crisis, and although I’ve had a lot of free stuff across all campuses this year. I want to double it); Crews!! (Events crew, student media crew, etc); Vending machines 

Read Ian’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


5. Vice President for Communications and Media - Candidates

Louise Kavanagh

Hello TU Dublin! I’m Louise Kavanagh (Pronouns She/Her) and I am running to become your Communications and Media Officer. I’m currently your Deputy President for Blanchardstown campus. I graduated with a BA Hons Creative Digital Media in 2022. I’m passionate about activism, social issues and helping students feel empowered. Students need to know about TUDSU but also the power we hold when we come together as one union, one voice. Students need to engage with the union, but TUDSU needs to make the experience inclusive, transparent and effective. Students need access to accurate, unbiased information and TUDSU will provide a student media outlet.

Read Louise’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


6. Campus Vice President for Blanchardstown - Candidates

Jeremy Lawler

My name is Jeremy Lawler, and I am running to be the Campus Vice President for Blanchardstown. I want to represent the Blanchardstown campus because I am hugely passionate about creating a better and more accessible learning and social environment for students. My main areas of focus include events and engagement, accessibility, and facilities. I will work to enhance engagement, improve accessibility, and ensure the facilities are kept to a high standard. I will work hard to address the needs and wants of all students. This is an incredible opportunity, and I would be honoured to represent Blanchardstown campus.

Read Jeremy’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


7.  Campus Vice President for City - Candidates (By-Election)

Dominique Baldwin

Giving Students a Voice; Cheaper food alternatives across all campuses and every canteen; Give students more recreational spaces and study spaces that are made for students only; Vending machines in East Quad; Hybrid/Online Learnin; Safety for ALL students on campus; Improved communication from college, i.e. exam timetables, course start dates etc; Return Student Car parking facilities in Grangegorman; Creating fairness for students who face financial and other collegial difficulties; Explore the need for on-campus childcare amenities; Greater supports around Mental Health & Self Care; Supporting the upgrade of infrastructure on all campuses.

Read Dominique's Full Manifesto that sets out the goals for the year here

Peter McCann

Hello City Campus! My name is Peter McCann, and I am running for the role of vice president of city campus for the academic year of 2023/2024. I am currently studying electronic engineering in Grangegorman and want to run to show more visibility to the engineering departments, as well as use what I have learned to better the experience at TU Dublin. That said, Bolton Street, Augier Street and Grangegorman all have problems that need to be addressed and with help from the students these can be resolved. Vote for me for a better City experience.

Read Peter's Full Manifesto that sets out the goals for the year here


8. Campus Vice President for Tallaght - Candidates

Sheran Bahadir

Sheran Bahadir – Year 1 Computing  - Manifesto For Campus VP of Tallaght

Experience: Class Rep and Student Councillor, Was in Student Council of my secondary school for 5 years, Scouting , Debate Team, Vice Executive in ‘The Imagine Project’ and won the Global Education Award

Priorities: Host more Tallaght based and inclusive events, Get more local deals for the Class Rep cards, Fix timetable issues, Get a bigger praying room and a sensory space, Get better equipment for labs, Get experience spokespersons to inform and educate students about different cultures, disabilities and sexualities, Get affordable accommodation on campus/close to the campus

Social Media Handles: and @thewormgirl - Instagram, badadez - TikTok

Read Sheran’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


9. Postgraduate Officer - Candidates

Jessica Perez

As postgraduate officer, I can give you a voice in the Governing Body, Academic Council, Graduate Research Board, Research Programme Committee, Union Student of Ireland Postgraduate Working Group, & Student Council. I am passionate about improving the lives & college experience of postgraduate students & aim to focus on the following three key areas: (1) build the postgrad community, (2) postgrad welfare and mental health, and (3) raise the postgrad voice.

Social Media Handles: @jess4tudsupgo - Instagram

Read Jessica’s full Manifesto that sets the goals for the year here


Leadership debate 

The Leadership Debate includes all TU Dublin SU candidates outlining what they hope to achieve if elected, relevant experience, skills, passion, why they should be chosen, as well as answering questions from students on what they have proposed. The Debate for Elections 2023 took place on 23rd March 2023, and you can watch the Leadership debate recording via the following link: WATCH THE LEADERSHIP DEBATE THROUGH THIS LINK.


Tally of votes

Here you can find live updates on the total tally of votes for each position in TU Dublin SU Elections 2023. 

  President VP Academic Affairs VP Welfare & Equality VP Events & Engagement VP Communications & Media VP Blanchardstown VP Tallaght Postgraduate Officer
Tuesday 12pm 888 878 884 883 886 84 105 25
Tuesday 2pm 1650 1633 1636 1635 1649 172 158 49
Tuesday 5pm 2197 2183 2187 2183 2198 221 204 80
Tuesday 7:30pm 2367 2352 2357 2353 2366 232 215 97
Wednesday 12pm 2899 2884 2888 2886 2898 329 276 108
Wednesday 2pm 3376 3361 3361 3363 3375 371 313 132
Wednesday 5pm 3683 3669 3672 3670 3683 391 359 139
Wednesday 7:30pm 3810 3795 3800 3797 3808 396 363 161
Thursday 12pm 4159 4144 4147 4145 5157 437 388 179
Thursday 2pm 4460 4446 4449 4447 4460 472 423 195
Thursday 5pm 4700 4686 4689 4687 4700 481 454 216
Thursday 7:30pm 4780 4764 4766 4767 4779 489 459 228


Thursday 20th April 2023

City Campus Vice President votes


2pm 1110
5pm 1300
7:30pm 1343



Candidates' Campaign Expenses

All TU Dublin SU Officer Candidates have a budget that they have to follow during the campaigning period. The budgets and allocations used can be found here. 

  1. President - Budget €100
    • Saoirse Daly - €93,36 used on 27.03.2023 on candy, €1,50 used on 27.03.2023 on blue tack, €1,50 used on 27.03.2023 on blue tack, €3,64 of budget remaining
    • Brian Jordan - €69.92 used on 19.03.2023 on lollipops and €30 used on 22.03.2023 on election video boost, €0.08 of budget remaining
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs - Budget €100
    • Shauna O Toole - €13,83 used on 27.03.3034 on lollipops, €86,17 of budget remaining
  3. Vice President for Welfare and Equality - Budget €100
    • Hazel Doran - €58,13 used on 27.03.2023 on lollipops and candy, €22,15 used on 30.3.2023 on candy, €19,72 of budget remaining
    • Nekesa Khisa Nancy - €34,50 used on 28.03.2023 on lollipops, €30 used on 30.3.23 on candy, €35,50 of budget remaining
    • Sophie Warren - €0 used
  4. Vice President for Events and Engagement - Budget €100
    • Ian Kelly - €96,64 used on 28.03.2023 on candy, €3,36 of budget remaining
  5. Vice President for Communications and Media - Budget €100
    • Louise Kavanagh - €66 used on 20.3.2023 on lollipops, €33 used on 27.3.2023 on lollipops, €1 of budget remaining
  6. Campus Vice President for Blanchardstown - Budget €75
    • Jeremy Lawler - €74,70 used on 24.3.2023 on lollipops, €0,30 of budget remaining.
  7. City Campus Vice President - Budget €75
    • Dominique Baldwin - €0 used
    • Peter McCann - €32,9 used on 20.4.2023 for sweets, €42,1 of budget remaining
  8. Campus Vice President for Tallaght - Budget €75
    • Sheran Bahadir - €43 used on 15.3.2023 on energy drinks and €16,39 on lollipops, €15,05 used on 29.3.2023 on energy drinks, €0,56 of budget remaiing
  9. Postgraduate Officer - Budget €100
    • Jessica Perez - €68,20 used on 14.3.2023 on coffee and tea and €30,99 used on 27.3.2023 on coffee, €0,81 of budget remaining


There is a separate printing budget for each candidate.


Leadership of TU Dublin Students' Union


The Leadership of the Union is made up of 8 Full-time and 10 Part-time Officers. The recent Referendum to the Students’ Union Constitution approved the following Officer structure for next academic year: 


Full-Time Officers 


Part-Time Officers 


All TU Dublin Students were able to vote for the team that will lead the Union in 2023/24 in Elections that took place in March 2023. The By-Election for City Campus Vice President will take place on City Campuses on Thursday 20th April 2023 and the By-Election for LGBTQ+ Rights Officer will take place on Tuesday 18th April 2023 (Student Council vote). 


The section from here on includes information for candidates. 


Role Descriptions 


Please find a document that outlines the Post Specification for all TU Dublin SU Full-Time and Part-Time Officer roles here: 



Electoral Information Manual - Rules for nominations, campaigning and elections


The independent Electoral Commission of TU Dublin SU is regulating the SU Officer Elections 2023. All City Campus Vice President Candidates must read and agree the terms as set out by Electoral Commission here in this document:


Full-time and the Postgraduate Officer positions 


The term of Office for the Full-time Officers runs from July 1st, 2023, to June 30th, 2024, and are paid positions. For the Full-Time Officer positions, candidates can either take a gap year in their studies or have completed their programme. 

These positions are open to all registered TU Dublin students to consider, with some specific restrictions as follows:  

1. The Postgraduate Officer is a Part-Time position and candidates must be current students registered on a taught Postgraduate programme or as a Research student in TU Dublin.  

2. For the Campus Vice President (VP) positions, candidates must be registered on a Programme that is primarily based on the specific campus where they are running for election – e.g., in Blanchardstown for the Blanchardstown Campus VP position, in Aungier St, BIMM, Bolton St or Grangegorman Campus for the City Campus VP position, and in Tallaght for the Tallaght Campus VP position.  


The Full-Time Officer roles according to the new TU Dublin SU Constitution are as follows:

  1. President
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  3. Vice President for Welfare and Equality
  4. Vice President for Events and Engagement
  5. Vice President for Communications and Media
  6. Campus Vice President for Blanchardstown
  7. Campus Vice President for City
  8. Campus Vice President for Tallaght

In addition, a Postgraduate Officer will be elected.


Part-Time Officers (with the exception of Postgraduate Officer)


Part-Time Officers are student representative roles, for which students will act in a voluntary basis. These positions focus on student rights in specific areas and are as follows  

  1. Gender Equality Officer 
  2. Sustainability Officer 
  3. ACCESS Officer 
  4. Ethnic Diversity Officer 
  5. Mature Student Officer 
  6. International Student Officer 
  7. Gaeilge Officer 
  8. LGBTQ+ Rights Officer 
  9. Disabilities Officer 


Once elected the Part-time Officers become ‘ex officio’ members of the Student Council for the period of their term of office, which is from July 1st, 2023, until to 30th June 2024 and as such can bring motions and policies for the attention of the President and Vice-Presidents (the Executive) and hold these Officers to account. Candidates for the Part-Time Officer positions must be registered TU Dublin Students for their term. All Part-Time Officer roles for 2023-2024 are now filled, and the following students were elected for the roles:

  1. Gender Equality Officer 
    • Silvie Molloy
  2. Sustainability Officer 
    • Magdalena Sedlmayr
  3. ACCESS Officer 
    • Jack Jennings
  4. Ethnic Diversity Officer 
    • John Benedict Divinagracia
  5. Mature Student Officer 
    • Roberto Leahy
  6. International Student Officer
    • Marco Nocerino
  7. Gaeilge Officer 
    • Éadaoin Ó Snodaigh
  8. LGBTQ+ Rights Officer
    • Samantha Corcoran
  9. Disabilities Officer 
    • Ciara McKenna


Experiences of previous SU Leaders


You can read about experiences and thoughts of former TU Dublin SU Officers here:


Queries and Complaints


If you have any queries or complaints, please contact or fill out a complaint form here. Queries and complaints will be dealt with as soon as possible by the Electoral Commission.


Election Glossary


Ballot Box: A closed container into which voters deposit their ballot papers during an election. 

Ballot Box Election: The ballot box election is the traditional form of voting which takes place directly at the polling place. 

Ballot Paper: The ballot paper is the form which eligible voters fill out in order to exercise their right to vote. 

By-election: By-elections are held to fill vacancies which arise before the end of the officer term. 

Candidate: An applicant for an (SU) position. 

Constituency: A constituency is a defined area in which voters elect a representative to a specific body. In SU elections, the general constituency is all TU Dublin students. For Campus VPs they are the students of that specific campus (Blanchardstown, City or Tallaght), for Postgraduate Officer it is all postgraduate students and for other Part-Time Officers it is the members of Student Council.   

Constitution: A constitution is a set of fundamental rules that determine how the Union is run. 

Democracy:  Democracy is a term used to describe systems of governing in which power ultimately lies with the people.  

Election Campaign:  During an election campaign, candidates compete for votes. 

Election Results: The election results are the final results of a concluded election. 

Elections: An election is a democratic procedure through which one or more persons are chosen as executives or representatives in certain bodies. TU Dublin SU Officers are chosen via elections. 

Executive: The executive in TU Dublin SU is made out of 8 Full-Time Officers, and it is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Union 

Full-Time Officer: This is an elected Officer role in the Students’ Union. Full-Time Officers are elected each spring to work for the Union for a one-year term from 1st July to 30th June  

Hustings:  An event where  each candidate can outline to the potential voters what they hope to achieve if elected, relevant experience, skills, passion, why they should be chosen for the position. The candidates also answer potential questions from the voters.  

Manifesto:  Manifesto is a written document that tells students what you hope to achieve if elected, outlines your experience, skills, passion and why you are the right person to lead the Union.   

Polling Place: A polling place is a physical location where people go to cast their vote during an election. In TU Dublin SU Officer Elections polling places will be located on each campus, generally in the foyers.  

Quorum: A quorum is a threshold of votes which has to be crossed in order to have a valid vote or election. In the SU Officer elections, there is no set quorum.  

Spoilt Vote: A spoilt vote is a ballot that has been declared void and will not be included in the vote count. 

Voter Turnout: Voter turnout shows the percentage of eligible voters who actually cast a vote.