What are my obligations as a tenant? 

  • Pay rent on time.
  • Pay other bills not specified in the letting agreement (bins, gas, etc.).
  • Keep property in good order.
  • Inform the landlord if repairs are needed.
  • Give the landlord access to routine inspections (by appointment).
  • Inform the landlord of who is living in the property.

What are landlords obliged to do?  

  • Provide a rent book.
  • Repair and maintain the structure of the property.
  • Reimburse tenants for any repairs they carry out, which are your responsibility.
  • Ensure the tenant knows how to contact you.
  • Give the tenant notice of a rent review or termination; the amount of notice your landlord must give you depends on how long you have been in the tenancy.
  • Provide tenants with a valid and written notice of terminations.