TU Dublin Students' Union Response to University Statement on Palestine


TU Dublin Students' Union Response to University Statement on Palestine 

This is in response to the TU Dublin Statement here.


TU Dublin Students’ Union (SU)  welcome the statement released by TU Dublin and appreciate the acknowledgment of the International Court of Justice’s position that Israel must take all measures within its power to prevent and punish the direct and public incitement to commit genocide in relation to members of the Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip. It is a crucial step in recognizing the severity of the situation and aligning with international human rights standards. 

TU Dublin SU are also pleased to see the inclusion of Palestinian students within the International Protection Applicants Scholarship programme. This initiative is vital in supporting those who seek refuge and education in Ireland, and we commend the University for its commitment to inclusivity and support for vulnerable communities. 

Additionally, TU Dublin SU welcome the university’s clarification that it does not have any investments with exposure to Israeli companies and that it does not have any active bilateral partnerships with Israeli academic institutions or companies. These points reflect a commitment to ethical investment and partnership practices, aligning with the values of peace and human rights that TU Dublin upholds. 

These outcomes are the result of months of hard-fought efforts by the Students’ Union and our supporters. Our activities included extensive lobbying, detailed proposals, silent protests, public letters, collaboration with the Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI), and multiple meetings with the University President and other senior officials. This collective effort was aimed at ensuring that the University takes a principled stance on this critical issue. 

Despite these positive developments, we are disappointed with how long it took the University to achieve what we consider the bare minimum for an institution that claims to uphold values of peace and human rights. The delay in issuing a statement and the initial public silence in relation to Palestine were a slap in the face for many students and staff. 

Moving forward, we will continue to advocate for the University to adopt a formal Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) policy. Specifically, we urge TU Dublin to remove the inactive Israeli companies from their supplier list, ensuring that all aspects of their operations reflect their stated values.