For whatever reason, you may have decided, or are currently deciding on whether or not to defer your place at TU Dublin or withdraw from studies. 

Making a Decision

You do not have to make this decision alone. A number of support services are available: 

  1. Speak with your Head of School/Assistant Head of School/Programme Chair to discuss your options.
  2. Access the Support Services available to you to help you reach your decision.
  3. The Student Retention Officer and Student Counselling service can also offer advice. 

*Financial implications for International students deferring their programme of study is outlined in the International Student Fee Policy 

*Part-time music students, registered on programme code :A001, should refer to the Conservatory of Music & Drama, for information on deferring/withdrawing.

What is Deferral?

Deferral is when you keep your place on your course, but postpone it for one academic year only. If you do not register for this course the following academic year, you forefeit your place. 

What is Withdrawal? 

Withdrawel is when you leave university completely and are no longer a registered student. You cannot avail of the services the university have to offer or use the facilities.

I Want to Defer/Withdraw

If you have saught advice and made up your mind, you can submit a deferral or withdrawel form to the Student Services Centre.

Details available here.

CAO Applicants

If yo want to defer your place, do not accept it through the CAO. Follow the standard deferral procedures here.

Advanced Entry Transfer Within TU Dublin

If you're not sure which course you want to transfer in to, you can speak with the Careers service

If you want to transfer to another undergraduate course in TU Dublin, you should contact your Head of School to facilitate the transfer. Please be advised that advanced entry transfer is not available on all TU Dublin programmes. 

1st Year Transfer Within TU Dublin

1st Years who have been accepted on to their place at TU Dublin can transfer courses provided they meet the following criteria: 

Students who were accepted with Leaving Certificate points:

  • The student has satisfied the minimum entry requirements for the new programme:
  • Has the minimum number of Leaving Cert. points 
  • Has the minimum entry grades in specified Leaving Cert. subjects

Students who were accepted via another entry route:

  • Applocatopms will be considered on a case by case basis by the Admissions Officer. 

All Students:

  • All CAO Rounds are closed i.e for 2019 the final CAO Round 5 ends on 25th September 5.15 p.m (Requests can be made earlier but confirmation of a place cannot be made officially until after September 25th 2019)
  • A vacancy has become available on the programme 

*Satisfying these conditions above does not guarantee a place

If you are unsure about which course you want to transfer to, you can speak with the Careers Service.