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Student Internship Programme | TU Dublin
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Student Internship Programme | TU Dublin

Student Internship Programme | TU Dublin

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The aim of this programme is to develop a range of transferable skills intended to enhance the learner’s employability. The learner will have an opportunity to develop their ability to work alone and within a team while also enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving. This programme will support career planning and the development of the individual as a reflective practitioner. The Programme involves the students completing 100 hours of work experience in a specific TU Dublin work area while also writing and submitting a reflective e-portfolio. This is not an accredited module but students who complete the programme will receive a scholarship stipend of €1000.


  • Students who are fulltime, registered (paid registration fees) on an undergraduate programme and have completed the first year of their programme.
  • Your academic department has approved your participation in the internship programme.

Delivery and Assessment

The programme will be delivered in two parts:

  1. 100 hours work placement in in TU Dublin.
  2. Completion of a 4 week online academic component.

Students will complete the TU Dublin work placement component from late January 2024 and must have the hours completed prior to 1st April 2024.

The 4 week online academic component will run from Monday 5th February – Friday 1st March 2024. The dates cannot be extended or changed.

 Student information and requirements

  • Students must be attending their course and available for the required 100 hours of work experience.
  • Students are required to be flexible as to the scheduling of the work placement and academic component during the dates outlined above.
  • Students may voluntarily complete additional hours if they wish with the agreement of the manager on the understanding that no additional funding is payable. A statement should be signed off to this effect.
  • Students participating on the programme must sign an agreement which will stipulate the requirements of the programme including a confidentiality clause and disciplinary code.
  • Students must submit online assessments as required by their academic tutor.
  • The work place mentor will be completing a report on the work experience which will form part of the internship assessment.
  • Students must pass both components in order to complete the programme.


  • The TU Dublin Financial Team will manage the scheme and issue the scholarship payments through online banking.
  • The first payment of €500 to be issued on commencement of the work experience.
  • The final payment will be issued upon successfully completing and passing both components of the programme.