The  primary responsibility of the HR and Remuneration subcommittee is to provide support and advice to the CEO and the Board in the management of human resources and industrial relations in the company. It is also responsible for determining the remuneration policy for staff and management. Health and Safety of the organisation is overseen by this subcommittee. The subcommittee also recommends policies in the areas of HR and Remuneration to the board for approval.

  • The Committee is chaired by Anne Connolly (External Chair of TU Dublin SU CLG)

The other members of the committee include:

  • The President of TU Dublin SU
  • The three Deputy Presidents of TU Dublin SU
  • One other external Director (Catherine Byrne)
  • The CEO and Deputy CEO are normally in attendance at this meeting.
  • The HR Executive is the secretary of this committee

Correspondence for this committee can be submitted to