Date: September - December 

Officer with overall responsibility: Rebecca Gorman, President.

Campaign Aim: to ensure that Class Reps are elected for each TU Dublin class. Because of remote nature of this campaign, it was decided to take on the mammoth task of contacting each Head of School and working with TU Dublin staff to engage with students and to identify those students who wanted to run for Class Rep.

It was equally important to engage with elected Class Reps in a meaningful way and to run successful Class Rep Meetings. To give Class Reps a clear sense of their role within TU Dublin SU

Feedback & Outcome: 500 out of 700 Class Reps across Blanchardstown, City and Tallaght have now been elected, and rising each day. We are still continuing to look for those classes who do not have a Class Rep. Interested? Find out more here.