Date: 1st October - 31st October

Officers with overall Responsibility: Hamza Jamaa, VP Education and Fionn Collins, VP Welfare,City Campus.

Campaign Aim: Also known as ‘Africana History Month’. “Africana” means The History and Culture of African people; their problems, and perspectives of people of colour in Africa and the African Diaspora; focus combines Africa and the African diaspora (which includes Afro-Latin American studies, African American studies, and Black studies) into a concept of an "African experience" or cultural ideology with an Afrocentric perspective.

It has never been more important to listen to the stories and experiences of Black people and POC. TU Dublin SU believes the only way forward is to embrace difference, connect through our common values and acknowledge the hardship and pain that racism has caused to our community. We were delighted to have our first Black History Month this year. We had an exciting to have had some amazing speakers such as Dr. Ebun Joseph, Dr. David Nyaluke and Dr.John Wilkins.

Feedback & Outcome: We were pleased with the reception that our first BHM received from the minority of TU Dublin SU and hope to continue this important month well into the future.