TU Dublin Students’ Union Statement on Graduation Ceremonies 2021

TU Dublin Students’ Union is extremely disappointed with the decision of TU Dublin not to host this year’s Conferring/Graduation ceremonies in person and to resort to online events again.

For months we have advocated strongly at the university's Graduation committee and in meetings with the Registrar that this year’s Graduation events must take place in person.

After the past 18 months of hard slog, away from college and isolated from classmates, we believe that you deserve to have the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. We understand the hard work and dedication that goes into completing your qualification and that the Graduation is the culmination of your achievements and a massive milestone on your education journey.

We accept there are some logistical challenges to overcome, however where there’s a will there’s a way. Other universities are doing so.

Why can’t TU Dublin?

We are calling on President Fitzpatrick, Dr Mary Meaney and the management of TU Dublin to listen to what students are asking for and find an alternative solution where in-person Graduations is possible, which students have worked for and deserve.