The Executive Council is made up of the sabbatical officers from each campus who meet monthly to discuss issues brought up at Class Rep meetings and Student Council. You can find details on the team here.

Minutes of previous meetings can be found here


Part-Time Officer

Part-time Officers plays a key role in the overall democratic structure of the TU Dublin SU. The fundamental function of the job is to develop an active democratic presence on site, through use of the College Forum, the Class Representative system and the School Representative System. In addition, Part-time Officers work to encourage students to engage with and participate in all aspects of the TU Dublin SU democratic structures and the college experience in general.

Post Graduate Officer

The Post Graduate Officer is a student, studying a level 9 or higher course, who works part-time for TU Dublin SU. They are the direct link between post graduate students, TU Dublin and TU Dublin SU. They  report to the Student Council.

How are the Executive Council elected?

The Executive is elected at our Annual Elections, usually held in March. To find out more about the position, or how to get elected - pop down to your local office.