School Rep Elections


School Reps are elected on a voluntary basis by the Class Reps in their school, and they represent these members at Student Council. School reps are accountable to the Class Reps in their School and should inform themselves of any issues arising within the school and advise Class Reps on welfare and academic issues raised and help solve these problems. 

The fundamental role of a School Rep is to create a strong link between and co-ordinate the work of the Class Reps within a School to allow for issues to be addressed at a School level quickly and efficiently.

You can find a description of the role here.

We are currently still looking for Reps for the following schools:


  • Business
  • Humanities 
  • Informatics and Engineering


  • Biological Sciences&Health Central Quad
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sc. Central Quad 
  • Electrical & Electronic Eng. Central Quad
  • Mathematical Sciences Central Quad
  • Physics, Clinical and Optometric Sc. Central Quad
  • Culinary Arts & Food Technology Central Quad
  • Food Science & Environmental Health Central Quad
  • Accounting & Finance AST/BIMM
  • Graduate Business School AST/BIMM
  • Management AST/BIMM
  • Marketing AST/BIMM
  • Retail and Services Mgmt AST/BIMM
  • Civil Engineering BST
  • Dublin School of Architecture BST
  • Multi-Disciplinary Technologies BST
  • Surveying and Construction Mgmt BST
  • Transport Eng, Environment & Planning BST
  • Dublin School of Creative Arts East Quad
  • Languages, Law & Social Sciences East Quad


  • Business and Humanities
  • Engineering

If you would like to nominate yourself for the position of School Rep, fill out the form above.