All part-time positions are paid at a rate of €10.50 per hour, and it is assumed that most officers will work 10 hours per week on average.


Post-Grad Officer (overall position)

The Post Grad Officer is a part time position representing all students studying on a level 9 or higher programme across the three TU Dublin campuses - Blanchardstown, City Campus and Tallaght.

The PG Officer is an extremely important position as you will have a seat on the University's Governing Body and Academic Council as well as a seat on the Students' Unions Student Council and Executive Council.


Part-Time Officer Positions

The Part-time Officer plays a key role in the overall democratic structure of the TU Dublin Students’ Union. The fundamental function of the job is to develop an active democratic presence on site, through use of the College Forum, the Class Representative system and the School Representative System. In addition, Part-time Officers will work to encourage students to engage with and participate actively in all aspects of the TU Dublin SU democratic structures and the college experience in general.


  • BC Ents Officer


  • TC Communications Officer
  • TC Clubs Officer
  • TC Ents Officer
  • TC Societies Officer


City Campus (College Officers)

The College Officer is a student who works part time for TU Dublin SU. They are responsible for the running of the CRM's and College Fora on site. They are the go to person for the Class Reps. They also reports to Student Council. They are also responsible for the running of local activities and events.

Positions Available:

  • CC Aungier Street College Officer
  • CC Bolton Street College Officer
  • CC Grangegorman Central Quad College Officer
  • CC Grangegorman East Quad College Officer