City Campus



President (Overall)

Salary: €31,202

What The Current Officer Says: 

  • The President is the leader of the Students' Union, and is also in charge of the large team of officers in the SU. They drive the political strategy of the Union, and champion the Student Voice in TU Dublin and nationally. Working with the team, they promote the work of the Union and ensure they communicate regularly with the student body. They are a director on the Board of TU Dublin SU clg, and they also are members of the TU Dublin Governing Body and Academic Council. If you are confident, passionate about the student experience, and willing to work hard and test out your leadership skills, this is the role for you! Rebecca

Ask the Current Officer a Question: If you have a question about running for the position of president or what the job entails, get in touch with Rebecca at


Deputy President (Blanchardstown, City Campus & Tallaght)

Salary: €30,362

What The Current Officer Says: 

  • The Deputy President is a democratically elected full time position. Who works to represent the students of their Campus. They work locally with their team and assist with work locally, as well as overall with other campus officers. They sit on committees such as Migration Leadership, Academic Council and Governing Body to make sure the student voice is heard. They are also a Director on the board for TU Dublin SU CLG. Additional duties may be assigned to the Deputy President by the President or the Student Council. The Role of Deputy president is somewhat a vague role so you must be driven to get the most out of the year. This also gives you the space to make the role into what you want to see from it. The role can be busy and broad but very rewarding. Moya

Ask the Current Officer a Question: Drop Luke (, Moya ( or Lee ( an email, they would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Vice President for Education (City Campus & Tallaght)

Salary:  €26,887

What the Current Officer Says: 

  • Being an Education Officer is dealing with all the education based queries and campaigns, but best of all the education officers works closely with Class Reps. Class Reps are elected at the start of the year, they are in place and are the link between their Class and Union. Without the Class Reps voice, the Student's Union would be lost with them. Class reps are amazing, if you are unsure about becoming Class Rep always reach out to the Student's Union. Hamza 

Ask the Current Officer a Question: Drop Hamza ( or Sean (, they would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Vice President for Welfare & Equality (Blanchardstown, City Campus & Tallaght)

Salary:  €26,887

What the Current Officers Say: 

  • As a VP for Welfare & Equality, we usually run welfare campaigns as the students and their well-being is our top priority. Some campaigns we run are SHAG Week, Mental Health Week and more! We run campaigns focusing on mental, sexual and physical health. It is important for us that students feel safe and belong in college so we sit on Health and Safety committees as well as working on policies such as Gender Expression,International Protection Applicants and Consent policies. This role is busy but extremely rewarding. If you are passionate about student's well-being and equality then this is the role for you! ?Fionn
  • Being a Welfare & Equality officer has given me great opportunities to get involved in things that will affect positive change across the university. For example right now I am involved in the TU Dublin Race Equity group and chair a subcommittee from it on culture. Here, I bring ideas and plans on how to make the University better for students from diverse backgrounds. It feels really good knowing the things I am doing now could be a positive benefit to students for years to come. I never knew that would be part of my job when I ran for the position! Lesley

Ask the Current Officer a Question: Drop Pádraic (, Fionn ( or Lesley ( they would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Vice President for Events & Engagement (City Campus)

Salary:  €26,887

What the Current Officer Says: 

  • As Vice President for Events and Engagement, it's my job to organise events and entertainment for students and to lead the Union's fundraising efforts for the RAG (Raise and Give) charity that was selected by student council as our charity of the year. The Vice President for Events and Engagement leads campaigns such as Freshers/Welcome week, RAG Week and Multicultural Week as various fundraising initiatives and local events for the city campus. The VP for Events should also establish a RAG/Ents crew who will help with running and promoting events and also suggesting ideas for events. As part of the role, the Vice President for Events and Engagement should liaise with clubs and societies and work collaboratively with them, work on shared events/campaigns and also sharing information on what you're working on to help with timetabling of major events.

Ask the Current Officer a Question: You can contact Mark at if you are thinking about running and have any questions.