Important Information

Thinking of Becoming a Class Rep? Go For It! 

A Class Rep is the elected voice of the class.

The Rep is the elected representative of the entire Class, the spokesperson who represents students’ views to TU Dublin at Programme Committee meetings, the problem-solver who raises issues and finds solutions to any day to day issues and. Class Reps attend their local Class Rep meetings and bring issues for discussion e.g. how to improve the Library Services to fundraising for RAG week.

Why should I run for Class Rep?

Being a Class Rep is an amazing opportunity for yourself. This is your chance to develop yourself in ways you cannot imagine.

  • Meet new people from different TU Dublin Campus sites
  • Very valuable experience. Employers are always impressed with job applicants who have been involved in any leadership roles during their time in college.
  • You can develop your leadership, communications and negotiation skills.
  • You can improve the quality of your Programme by ensuring any problems are dealt with quickly and effectively.

What exactly would I have to do as the Class Rep?


  • Attend Class Rep meetings and let your classmates know what was discussed and pass on any important TU Dublin/Students’ Union announcements to them.
  • Attend the Programme Committee and raise any issues with the academic staff and  follow up with feedback and solutions to the Class.
  • Inform the Students’ Union about any difficulties your class is experiencing so that  we will advise you on tactics and help you get things sorted.
  • Let your Classmates know about TUDSU online events, promotions and offers.

What’s in it for me?


  • Represent your class and get things changed
  • Be the link between your Class, the University and your Students’ Union
  • Training and support from your Students’ Union
  • Personal and professional development 
  • Opportunity to lead 

Being the link between your class, the university and your students’ union is even more important right now. With online classes, revision to assessment and other changes arising from the impact of the coronavirus many students can feel isolated but let us help you continue to feel connected to the college experience.

What to do next?

Nomination Form

A link to the nomination form will be sent out by lecturing staff to every class in the coming weeks! This is the opportunity to put yourself forward to become Class Rep. You will need to attach a PHOTO of yourself and a little blurb of why you would like to become Class Rep.

Ballot Paper

Once students have filled in their Nomination Form and nominations have closed, the Ballot paper (Class Rep Ballot) listing the name(s) of the student(s) who have been nominated for the position of Class Rep in each class will be circulated to your class!

Once your class receives their email with the Ballot paper, you will have 5 working days to vote for your Class Rep. Simples!


Following the closure of the ballot process we will check & count the votes. Once the result is confirmed, the successful Class Rep will receive an email from their relevant Officer informing them they have been elected, welcoming them to the Students Union!

Who to contact?

Hamza Jamaa - City Campus 
P: 086 603 1075
Seán Farrelly - Tallaght Campus
P: 087 400 7511
Luke Daly - Blanchardstown Campus
P: 086 065 4572