That's A Yes From You and A Yes From Us!


The ballot boxes have been opened, the papers counted and the results are in TU Dublin Students have voted overwhlemingly in favour of passing the new TU Dublin SU Consitution. This new constitution comes into effect immediately and will pave the way for our exciting future. 

  • Total required votes 2,918
  • Total votes cast 3,501
  • Spoilt votes 12
  • Total valid poll 3489
  • Yes votes 3352
  • No votes 137

You can read the new constitution here

Some of your elected oficers at the count, these are the guys that have campaigned for this new constitution for you!
Back L-R: Moya, Megan, Lee, Hayley, Ian, Padric
Front L-R: Amy, Pierre, Luke, Rebecca

History Behind the Referendum 2020

On 29th January, TU Dublin SU Student Council voted to amend the Constitution. This will now go to referendum, to be decided on by TU Dublin students on 19th & 20th February 2020. You can read the motion that was put before Council here.

TU Dublin is now one year in existence and so is the new Students’ Union - that was unanimously endorsed in a referendum last year. The University is changing fast and the Union has to do likewise to ensure students are represented and receive the same level of service and benefits.  

Our Student Council voted to support a YES vote in this referendum. The independent Electoral Commission supplied the following neutral facts about the Referendum.

Who should read this?
All registered TU Dublin students (all TU Dublin students are members of the Students’ Union).

What is this all about?
The Students’ Union is calling a referendum to amend the Constitution of TU Dublin SU. The proposed amendments were passed at the Student Council meeting on 29th January 2020 and can be found on 

What is a referendum?
A referendum is a vote on a specific question that is referred to the general student membership for a direct decision.

What is a Constitution?
A constitution is a document containing a set of basic principles for the organisation of the Union. It describes what the Union is, how it functions, what it stands for and who is a member, etc.  

What is Student Council?
This is the highest decision making body of the Union that is made up of 101 members including the elected officers, elected school representatives and student councillors from across the campuses. It decides the policies of the Union and what stance it takes on issues and directs and holds the elected officers to account.

Why does it matter to me?
The TU Dublin SU Constitution is being amended to include a new legal entity, changes in the College Officer roles and other amendments to keep it up to date and you’re being asked if you approve of these amendments.

What is the question I’m being asked?
Do you support the amendments to the Constitution which will come into effect from 21st February 2020?

What happens if I vote YES?
If the referendum passes, with a minimum of 10% of registered students voting, the proposed amendments will be adopted and the new TU Dublin Students’ Union Constitution and it will come into effect on 21st February. 

What happens if I vote NO?
If the referendum does not pass the proposed amendments to the Constitution will not be adopted and the current Constitution of TU Dublin Students’ Union will remain the same.


If you have any questions about this process you can contact or Pierre at

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