Partnership Agreement


Partnership Agreement

Exciting News! After many years of negotiations, the TU Dublin Students’ Union and Technological University Dublin have officially signed a Student Partnership Agreement! 

The process began back in 2020 during Rebecca Gorman’s Presidency, and was finalised by Brian Jordan during his Presidency.

By signing this agreement, we reflect one of the core values of the Students’ Union Constitution, Article 3 (ix), which states that we will ‘endeavour to work in partnership at all levels with the University in the best interests of the members’.

But what does this ‘Partnership’ mean?

It means the SU & University will:

  • Acknowledge & accept the inherent partnership between them (e.g., Class Representatives; the Union elects them but they inherently represent their course within University Programme Boards)
  • Seek to enhance the partnership where possible (e.g., an enhanced data-sharing agreement to conduct online elections)
  • Most importantly, accept that we will often disagree on things and have a different point of view (which may result in protest or criticisms from us) but ultimately we endeavour to work together to come to consensus

Read the agreeement here.

Remember, the Students' Union is, and will remain, an independent representative body that exists to defend and advance YOUR rights.