European Student Assembly 2023




EUT+ is taking applications from TU Dublin Students for their Student Board!


TU Dublin is a participant to the EUt+ Alliance, all TU Dublin students are eligible to join the second European Student Assembly in the European Parliament from 31 May to 2 June 2023. Joining the EUT+ student board means you will be welcomed into a European wide network of students and Higher Education practitioners. Students will be given the opportunity travel to a variety of universities throughout Europe to provide their student perspective on the forming of a European University of Technology. 

Application are completed via an online form provided in the link here.

Please find a pdf practice sheet, so you can plan answers ahead of filling out the online form here.

The application is simple (15min aprx. to complete). Students will need a CV,  ID number and answer 7 questions to determine the student’s motivation.


Official instagram for #ESA23 can be found here.