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Previous Next Paid Internship is aiming to disrupt key processes on how customers seek to purchase property in the Irish Market and give back 30% of its profits back to local communities and sustainable projects.

The position we are seeking is a ‘Junior Sales Representative & Business Model Advisor’. This role would be flexible around the student’s time and would require between 3-4 hours per week.

This position will be a core aspect of the business in terms of validating its business assumptions and also being at the heart of the company by engaging directly to customers.

The duties of the student would include:

  • Directly contacting and talking to potential customers
  • Directly reporting feedback weekly Retrospective meetings with the team to discuss new sales and business tactics and other opportunities.
  • Regularly re-iterating sales content
  • Continuously seeking how to improve the product based on customer feedback
  • Lean generation

Job requirements would be:

  • We are seeking someone ideally in their 3rd or 4th year in any business, tech or property related course
  • A Self-starter, the candidate can clearly demonstrate how they can work on their own and is self-reliant
  • The candidate can quickly understand the business model and the market
  • The candidate can convert prospects into signing up for our product

This internship role will also be paid! If the candidates are interested, they can get in touch and we can discuss in more detail. This role will also be semi remote based.

Re: Paid Internship


 Just saw this posting. I am student in Food Innovation and Product development course. Here in TU Dublin I am being taught innovation and subjects like business development. I thinking this internship is good for me and I can contribute with my knowledge and also improve business related skills. Please contact me so that I can share my CV.


Gautam Kohli.