Student Guides


These guidelines are generally for City Campus students activities.


Guidance for Students -  Programme-related Events & Fundraising activities

We appreciate students from time to time want to organise and advertise events either in connection with class projects or as part of an external fundraising exercise etc.  

If you are a student within TU Dublin and want to hold a fundraising activity or any onsite activity you must adhere to some policies which have been implemented to protect the student population.

We welcome all student activities and encourage you to contact Vice President for Events if you are interested in organising class related entertainment or events, such as class parties etc.  If the event is related to a module assessment that is part of a programme of study gaining marks and academic credits, the Students’ Union can only offer advice. 

Please use the following as a helpful guideline:

  • A Risk Assessment for any event or activity held on-site (within the college) is required and this should be forwarded to your relevant Occupational Health Advisor. A full list of contacts and details is available here:
  • You should also forward details of your activity to the local Buildings Manager and Head porter on your site. Details here.
  • If you are a member of a registered TU Dublin society this Risk Assessment can be obtained from the Societies Office., details here.
  • If you are organizing this event as part of a college project please liaise with the lecturer in question or other relevant academic staff to obtain for guidance with completing & submitting the Risk Assessment. Details for staff contacts are here:
  • Any student who wishes to put up posters for any event or activity must ask permission of the Porters onsite.  If this has been verified and agreed by TU Dublin academic staff either in connection with a class project or an external fundraising initiative it may need to carry the TU Dublin logo. If it is an academic project this logo can be provided by your lecturer. 
  • Please note that TUDSU can only directly support the designated RAG Charity as approved by the Student Council each Year. Therefore if you wish to organise a fundraising event for a different charity on site we are happy to give advice in terms of the local contacts for Risk Assessments, room booking etc only.
  • If you are having an external event off-site, you must ensure that the relevant venue has appropriate insurances. Your lecturer will have the details on how to submit this insurance.
  • Please do not request TUDSU to stamp your posters, you should verify with TU Dublin Porters and academic staff if they can stamp your poster. 
  • Many of the open areas in the colleges are ‘booked’ through either porters, canteens or the Students Union. Make sure that you have any area required booked. A list of Students Union staff is available here to check: 
  • If you do want to meet with someone in the Students Union to help address specific issues, please email the Vice President for Events & Engagement or your local Student Advisor and we will endeavour to assist you. 
  • Logos for any of the TU Dublin Clubs, Societies or SU should not be used unless express permission is granted by the relevant staff or committees. 
  • Buy your own materials. Do not use blue tack or thumb tacks from other posters. Also be conscious and respectful of people who already have posters up before you and do not interfere with in-date posters. Also you are responsible for removing your posters when they are finished.

*The Students Union cannot endorse these external activities which have been coordinated solely by the students/academic staff.