News: Kilo Garm sale 2020!

Say 'boo' to 'Fast Fashion'. The Kilo Garm sale is back in TU Dublin's Aungier Street's Courtyard on Thursday, March 12th. What better way to be sustainable than to purchase thrifty vintge clothing! The charge for attending the event is €2 at the door.



What is sustainability?


Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. A huge focus right now is on 'environmental' sustainablility. This means meeting the needs of today without compromising the environmenment and the planet for future generations. 



Sustainable Campus:

Moya, our Vice President for Welfare & Equality gives tips on how to be more sustainable on campus. 




Sustainable City: 

Moya gives tips on some of the most environmentally sustainable and student-friendly spots in the city.