Climate Change


The Green Campus Committee meets once a month. Its function is to discuss, occasionally vote on, or put forward motions to make TU Dublin as environmentally friendly as possible. University staff, students, and Students Union staff members all sit on the committee.  Agenda items have previously included, for example: biodiversity, litter and recycling bins, water conservation and protection, and smoking on campus.

If you have anything you would like added as an agenda item, you can contact your Students Union committee members: 

Vice President for Welfare, Moya Browne @ 

Kevin Street Student Advisor, Susie Young @ 

The Climate Action Working Group was set up by the the Deputy President, Rebecca Gorman, and meets regularly to assess the University’s carbon footprint, and the sustainability of its facilities. For all you need to know on this group, and to find out how to join and contribute, check out Rebecca’s article on TUDSU.TV.

Activist Academy

The Climate Action Working Group was set up early last semester. We wanted to have a group focused purely on taking action and addressing the climate emergency. We sensed the stress and urgency students were feeling around climate change, so we wanted to create something to channel that energy.

L - R Gary Tyrell, a Climate Action Officer for Climate Ambassador Ireland , Edwin Alblas of Climate Case Ireland, Taz Kelleher of Sustainable Fashion Dublin, Tadhg Dempsey, the Chair of the TU Dublin Green Soc, Rebecca Gorman, Deputy President TU Dublin SU City Campus & Aisling Whelan, from Extinction Rebellion


One of the events the Working Group created was the Climate Change Activist Academy. This was a panel discussion, gathering together some of the brightest minds and most educated activists in the country, to come and chat to students on what we can all do to tackle this massive problem....