Rebecca Gorman


Welcome to TU Dublin

I’d love to wish everyone a massive, warm welcome to TU Dublin. I’m Rebecca, and this year I have been elected by the student body to represent you as your Students’ Union President. As you are members of the Students’ Union, I am fully accountable to you. Our work centres on ensuring the student voice is captured throughout TU Dublin, and that you have a good quality educational experience in TU Dublin. We all know this year has been a difficult one for us all; well done on getting through it, and starting your academic year with us. We are always here, and nothing about that will change this year - you are still fully supported and will always have us to rely on if things get tough. 

This newsletter is a way for our team to let you know what we’re up to, and how you can get more involved in the Students’ Union. It’ll have bits and pieces like campaigns that are running, interesting articles, and what’s going on in your area, as well as a special offer or two! I wish you all a good year, and I hope to see you all (in person) at some point this year. 


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