Lesley Barrett

VP Welfare & Equality
Tallaght Campus

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Lesley Barrett 
VP Welfare & Equality
087 400 7512



Read Lesley's manifesto here

  • Fun fact about me: (Apparently) I am both 5th generation Italian AND 5th generation cherokee indian!
  • I ran for election because: I am honestly passionate about advocating for the student voice and doing whatever I can to ensure students from all different walks of life can have their best student experience! I also wanted to be part of shaping TudSU as I believe the foundations laid in the early days will set precedents for years to come! The team last year were brilliant for getting the merger possible, now were "officially" going to be acting as one that great work needs to be continued to benefit students for the foreseeable.
  • Superpower of choice Invisibility!!! Wouldn't it be great to be able to wander about unseen. Would certainly fulfil that noseyness instinct we all have because you could listen without being seen.... however as uncle Ben said in Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility" ;)