External Support Services


If you need advice on accessing supports, contact one of your Student Advisors. You may want support from outside the University's health service and the Students Union for a variety of reasons. We have compiled some of the top services available around Dublin and the rest of the country below. If you think you might need support from both within the university and externally, this is perfectly fine. Do what works for you and helps you through. 

  • HSE - Accident and emergency relating to either mental or physical health, local GP map. 
  • Jigsaw - An early intervention support service for young people's mental health (aged 16-25)
  • Aware - You need support with depression or bipolar disorder. 
  • Women's Aid - a 24 hour support line for women experiencing domestic violence, or their friends or family. The centre accepts calls from all genders.
  • Pieta House - You have engaged in self-harm, are thinking about suicide, or think someone else might be. 
  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre - You have been raped or sexually assaulted. A national 24 hour helpline is available as well as counselling services. 
  • Samaritans - You are contemplating suicide or think someone else might be. A free phone helpline service is available as well as counselling support. 
  • Mental Health First Aid - You are developing mental health problems, or are in a mental health crisis and may need immediate support. 
  • One in Four - You suffered sexual abuse in childhood and need support with trauma. 
  • Spunout.ie - Crisis text line support
  • MABS - Financial advice and budgeting service. 

Useful Websites 

  • Spunout.ie - information for 16-25 year-olds on how to live a happy, healthy. active life. 
  • A Lust for Life - articles with information on how to better understand yourself and how you are feeling.
  • Too in To You - advice on healthy relationships (this advice is offered via female subjects but applies to all genders).
  • Reach Out - advice on sex and relationships. Reach Out - advice, videos, and Ask the Expert services which will help you to better understand your mental health. Reach Out - alchohol, drugs, and additction. Reach Out - Sexuality and coming out.Reach Out - Info on STI Screenings