Repeat Fees


There are two ways that you can repeat - internally and externally. Internal Repeat students are those who have failed certain components of their previous year’s study and are required to return to TU Dublin to attend classes and repeat those components. Components can include examinations, continuous assessments, assignments or laboratory work. In some instances, students do not have the option to repeat externally as attendance in class is mandatory.  As an internal repeat student, you need to register and pay fees following which you can avail of TU Dublin services, retain your student ID card and attend classes. External repeat students have been granted permission to repeat failed components from their previous year’s study without attending classes. External repeats are not required to attend classes/laboratories but are eligible to sit examinations/submit assessments in the module they are repeating at the next available sitting. As an external repeat student, you are not entitled to a student ID card and may not avail of TU Dublin services.

Internal Repeat Fee

You can access information on module fees here. Please note, the fees are listed per single credit, so you must multiply the figures based on the amount of credits your module carries. For example, a level 8 module (excluding architecture and engineering A/E) is €63.65 per ECT credit. If a level 8 student repeats a 10 credit module alone, their repeat fee will be €636.50 in total. 

External Repeat Fees

The External repeat fee is a flat rate of €300. 

I have to repeat but I availa of the SUSI Grant - What does that mean for me?

With limited exceptions, you are not eligible for the SUSI grant if you are repeating a year of a course or if you are attending a course, or a year of a course, that is not deemed to be offering you progression in education.