It's that time of year when some students are preparing for the supplemental exams.  So your Students’ Union has some handy tips to help you get organized for revision, a guide to Open book examinations (OBE), lists of useful contacts as well as answers to your FAQs to help you to Get Sorted for Supplementals.

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Supplemental Exam Guides

Study Tips 

Coping with Stress 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When are the Repeats exams taking place?

The Repeats start on August 17th and run for 2 weeks. For City Campus programmes some exams are also scheduled for the first week in September. 

How do I register for my repeats?

City Campus students must complete this form City Campus Supplemental Exam Form before July 24th. If you are a studying on programmes in the Tallaght or Blanchardstown campus and haven’t registered you need to contact the Exam Offices immediately &

I deferred some of my assessments in May, do I have to register for the supplementals?

Yes. All students sitting exams or submitting assessments whether it's for the first time or as a repeat opportunity must register.

What’s the deadline for submitting a repeat or deferred assignment/thesis/essay/project?

You need to check what’s outlined in the brief or the email from the lecturer and if it's unclear get in touch with your School Admin or the Head of School. Please contact us at if you are having any difficulty reaching the Schools and we will follow up on your behalf.

Where can I get my exam timetables?

I'm anxious about my repeat exams, who can I talk to?

Feeling stressed or worried about exams is a normal part of life for most students; the good news is that there is help available from the University Counseling services. If you click on these links you will find information on how to make an appointment to speak to someone to help you cope with your anxiety.  

Can I get help from the Library?

Yes, although the buildings are closed due to Covid 19 restrictions all Library staff are working remotely, and services are continuing to operate virtually, and they are keen to assist you so feel free to contact them by email:

Where can I get past Exam papers?

Click on the following links to access previous exam papers from the Library Services: 

I'm not sure if I registered for the repeats correctly, what do I do to find out?

If you haven't received an acknowledgement from the University confirming that you're registered for the repeats you should email your local exams office. 

How do I contact my lecturer as I want to check what the repeat exam will cover?

Most many lecturers are not available over the summer unfortunately. If you have any queries, we recommend that you contact your School Office or Head of School directly for guidance. Please contact us at if you are having any difficulty reaching the Schools and we will follow up on your behalf.

I have personal issues (e.g. illness, bereavement, other unexpected adverse difficulties) and I don’t think I am able to sit the repeats, what can I do?

You should contact your School to advise them and they will be able to go through options for you and for support you can contact the Counselling Services as follows:

Blanchardstown students: First of all the student  must contact the lecturer to explain the situation,  and if they are  not satisfied with the outcome they should then contact the Year Head. If still dissatisfied contact the Course Coordinator. At this point, we would recommend seeking advice from the Students’ Union; or email 

City Campus students should also complete the Personal Circumstances From  City Campus - Personal Circ Form and include supporting documentation (Medical Cert etc) and submit to the Exam Office.

Tallaght students the process is as follows: The student should email their lecturer at first to explain the circumstances as to why they are not able to sit the Repeats. If the response from the lecturer is not satisfactory they should then communicate with the Head of Department and raise the issue with them also. If there is still a problem with the outcome they should seek advice  from the Students' Union 

The broadband is very unstable where I am living now and I’m worried about being able to complete the repeat exams, what can I do?

You should flag this in advance to the Exam Office and they will contact ICT services to see what additional supports can be put in place so that you can complete your exams. 

Some of my repeat exam times are clashing, what can I do?

You should contact the relevant Exam Office asap and they will be able to sort it out for you.

What if I can’t upload my exam answers in time, what can I do?

You will need to alert the Exams Office by email straight away and explain in detail what the issue was, and they will be able to assist you further.

I have a learning disability and want to make sure I have been allocated extra time for the repeat exams, how do I contact the Disability Office? 

Contact details for the various Disability offices are as follows:

When will I get my exam results?

Supplemental Exam Results should be published before lectures are scheduled to commence on September 21st. 

How can I calculate my GPA?

For Blanchardstown students the details are available here Blanchardstown Campus - GPA calculation and Tallaght students can get information here Tallaght Campus - GPA calculation. This system is not used in City Campus.

Will I be able to carry any modules that I fail into next year?

The rules on carrying vary across the University. For students at the Blanchardstown Campus please contact the Student Information Desk for details at: In City Campus, you should refer to your Student Handbook for details and contact your School for more information. Tallaght Campus students are not allowed to carry failed modules.