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For the most up-to-date advice, please go to or and if you are looking for information that is paritcular to TU Dublin, you can visit the TU Dublin Website here. You can view TU Dublin's most recent FAQs here.

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The Disability Support Services will continue to support all students with disabilities online via phone/email. If your question is not answered on the website, you can then contact your Learning Support Officer or Assistive Technology Officer directly. Contact details can be found here.

Disabilty Covid-19 FAQs



To ensure that you inform yourself from trusted information sources, please check the following public health websites which are updated constantly:



In light of the ongoing Covid-19 shutdowns you may be experiencing sudden and unexpected financial difficulties.

1. TU Dublin have a small and limited contingency fund which students can apply to subject to availability. This assistance may be available under very extenuating circumstances to all students including:

  • Full time students who do not meet the usual criteria for financial assistance.

  • Visiting Students on Socrates/Erasmus Programmes from EU Institutions 

  • Students attending Access/Foundation Course

  • Postgraduate Students (paid)

  • Part-Time Students

Check out the TU Dublin Financial Aid Website for further details or email directly to discuss your situation with the staff in the Financial Aid Office. NOTE - Please do not post any Forms at present.

2.Social Welfare Contingency Payments Fund are available to those who have lost reckonable income due to shutdowns. This fund is available to students who have lost work. You can find more information on Citizens Information and a link to the application form here. You will need to have your PPS number and your  bank details.

3.If you are in receipt of a SUSI Grant

Receiving the Contingency payment will not have any effect on this year’s SUSI grant payments.Covid 19 - Social Welfare Contingency payments and SUSI

  • Any maintenance due will still be paid including to students studying abroad.

  • For the 2020/21 academic year the income assessed will be income received in 2019.

  • For the 2021/22 academic year the income assessed will be income received in 2020. 


Q: My/My parents’ financial circumstances have/may change due to Covid-19 shutdowns but I don’t know what will happen in future. What should I do with regards to SUSI? 

As SUSI are now closed for applications, applicants can request a late application here. Please note that a change in circumstances can only be implemented up to one month before the end of the academic year. Also any change will only count from the date the change happens.

For example, if you apply now and are over the limit, the latest date you can come in with a change in income is the end of April. If the change in income now falls under the limit you will only receive the rate of grant you are eligible for one month (May).


Applications received before the priority application dates will be prioritised for assessment by SUSI. The priority application dates are Thursday 11th June 2020 for grant renewal applications and Thursday 9th July 2020 for new grant applications.

4.BTEA, paid work placement, and Social Welfare Contingency

  • Any student on BTEA who paused it for work placement which has been cancelled due to Covid-19 closures should contact Citizens information directly for exact information. Processes are developing in line with the changing situation.

  • In general, if you were in the middle of a paid work placement which stopped due to Covid-19 closures, you may be eligible for the Government Contingency payment for up to 6 weeks.



Minding ourselves, both physically and mentally during this pandemic can be challenging. For most of us our daily routines have changed dramatically, which over time can leave us feeling a bit cabin fever-y! TU Dublin wants to remind students that supports are still available. 

  • The Student Counselling service is still available and has adapted to the current environment. Counselling is taking place over the phone, via zoom or skype or over email.  You can book an appointment through their online booking form at: Online Booking Form .  If you have never been to Counselling before that's OK, to find out more click  here

  • TU Dublin Counselling Service have a range of videos on study tips and study surivival, see below. For more videos from them, visit their channel here.

  • For those who feel their mental health suffering and need some solid advice the HSE website has an excellent page on minding your mental health during COVID 19 (Minding Your Mental Health during Corona Virus).  

  • Try to limit your use of social media where possible. Social media can be a great place for communicating with others, perhaps people are sharing fears or concerns about Coronavirus. Whilst you may also share these concerns it will improve your overall wellbeing to spend time away and if possible, do something constructive or creative. For ideas of some things to keep you occupied head over to TUDSU.TV to see some of the creative things our Officers and staff have been up to. 

  • if you are feeling unwell contact your GP via phone or TU Dublin Health Centres. Their contact details are available here

  • Do not present to any GP if you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or suspect you may have it, you must call and they can, if needed refer you for testing. 

  • A reminder that over the phone and texts supports are still available. The Samaritans offer a 24:7 text support service, 365 days a year, for anyone in emotional distress.  This service is available nationwide. simply send an SMS text message to 087 2 60 90 90 or call 116 123. 

  • USI also have a comprehensive list of phone supports, available here.

Other Mental Health Services and Supports

Don’t forget, the Advice Team are available here or email