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The team have been working together to put some useful resources together for YOU studying for Assessments/Exams at this time. TU Dublin is very aware of the many challenges facing students in all facets of their lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also added some useful resources that can be found here and we are explaining some of the most important documents to you at this time such as the Student Declaration of Academic Integrity, Mitigation Policy, Deferral Procedures and much more. If you have any questions on any of the topics listed or  below please contact our Advice Team for support on 



A guide to the Open Book Exams Offline and Online from the TU Dublin Computer Science School, it takes approximately 3:48 we would recommend you watch it for some practical tips for ALL STUDENTS taking part in Open Book Exams at the moment.  





Have you signed the Student Declaration of Academic Integrity?

What does this Declaration Mean? 

You've agreed that  all your assessment work must  be your own, you cannot do another person(s) Exam/Assessment. You can’t ask someone to do yours either. You must not Copy or Plagiarize work. Do not use any device not authorised to the assessment/exam. Don’t use the same work twice in a different module. Don’t take someone's work and try to pass it off as yours. If you are in a group be sure everyone has followed  the regulations on plagiarism  and has submitted their own work. 




For More Information:  General Assessment Regulations




With lots of resources available online at the moment, we found these particular ones useful to re-share with you. If you need some guidance to set-up your own Exam Venue at home Disability Support Services put together six tips for setting it up check them out below.

We have also worked with Campus Life to develop super-short videos with valuable life and study hacks.  Alan McDonnell from the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering put together a video guide for students: “Capturing and processing hand-written scripts to an electronic format” - another great 30minute video with easy to follow steps for students who may not be familiar with Microsoft Lens Applications.  



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An email will be sent to your TU Dublin email address when your results are available for viewing. Your PIN to view your results will be unblocked when your results are available.

Students can access results once released by clicking here and logging on with their student number and six-digit password.

Students can access Exam Results/Select Modules and Register for their TU Dublin programme on an annual basis.

Please contact your local Examinations Office by email if you have any questions.‌

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