Struggling with your Course

Are you struggling with your program? Maybe you're having difficulty with a specific module, keeping up with all of your course work, or you've realised the area of study is just not right for you. 

Whichever reason applies to you, the University offers a range of support services. If you're not sure who to speak with or what to do, you can contact one of your Student Advisors

Struggling with a Module 

If you are struggling with a module, let your lecturer know. Depending on the module, you may be able to request a tutorial. You can also discuss it with a class rep. You might find that other students are in the same situation, and can request a group tutorial.

Keep an eye out on the noticeboards, or contact your School administrator - a graduate or someone in a year above you may be offering grinds on that module's subject. 

Struggling with a Module due to a Disability 

Additional tuition is available to students who are struggling due to their disability. You can access information here. 

Struggling with University due to a Disability 

You should contact the disability service if your disability is causing you to struggle with university. Additonal supports like  Assistive Technology and Exam supports can be provided. You must register with a disability. If you are unsure whether or not you quality for supports, for example, if an accident has caused a temporary physical disability, please do contact the Disability Support Services. 

Maths and Writing Supports

Students who are experiencing difficulties in mathematics should avail of the Maths Learning Support Centre (MLSC), which runs appointment-free, drop-in sessions throughout the academic year in a number of locations. Details are available here:  

Students who are experiencing difficulties in writing should avail of the Academic Writing Centre (AWC). Details are available here:

I Want to Study Something/Somewhere Else 

You can access information on withdrawing from your course, or transferring to a different course within TU Dublin here.