Important Documents

This page provides details on different procedural documents made available by TU Dublin. It also provides links to forms you can submit when, for example, lodging a complaint with the university, appealing an exam result, or missing an exam due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you need advice on filling out or submitting forms, or anything regarding the documents listed below, you can contact one of our Student Advisors.

Course Handbook

You should be given a handbook at the start of each academic year. This outlines details of your study, specific to your course. In it you will find module descriptions, details of staff members associated with your programme, links to resources such as timetables, web resources, student services, and more.  If your class/year/programme have not received a handbook, a nominated class rep should contact the Program Chair. 

Student Charter

What you can expect from TU Dublin - What TU Dublin can expect from you!The Student Charter is a great document to acquaint yourself with if you want to get a better understanding of the student and university relationship. The Charter outlines services available to you, information on placements, assignment guidelines, and more.You can view it here. 

General Assessment Regulations

The General Assessment Regulations cover regulations regarding exams, assignments, and procedures relating to the same, such as appeals (if you want to appeal an exam result), and disciplinary procedures (if you were caught cheating in an exam). These regulations apply to all undergraduate and postgraude students on taught courses leading to awards.

You can access the G.A.R here. A copy should also be available in all libraries and examination offices. 

Other Useful Forms

You can find more information on these forms and procedures here.