General Assessment Regulations

The General Assessment Regulations cover regulations regarding exams, assignments, and procedures relating to the same, such as appeals (if you want to appeal an exam result), and disciplinary procedures (if you were caught cheating in an exam). These regulations apply to all undergraduate and postgraude students on taught courses leading to awards.


You can access the G.A.R here. A copy should also be available in all libraries and examination offices. 


Appealing Exam/Assignement Results

If you are unsure of your exam results and think there may be a mistake you can request a re-check form, a re-mark form, or an an appeals form and submit it to the examinations office. All are available to select here. Be sure to read each form carefully, as there is a timeline to adhere to. You must submit a re-check form within 3 working days of the date scheduled for viewing your exam script, a re-mark form within 5 working days of the same, and an appeals form within 7 working days of the date scheduled for viewing your exam script. There is a fee for each which you will get back if a new, higher mark is upheld. Details of fees availble on each form. 


If you need advice on filling out any of these forms, please contact one of your Student Advisors. Forms are also available in Student Advice offices.  



(i) That the General Examination Regulations of the Institute have not been properly implemented.

(ii) That circumstances exist which may not have been specifically covered by the Regulations.

(iii) That there is new, attested, documented and relevant information, that was not made available to the Examination Board for justifiable reason, and therefore not considered.



Personal Circumstances (PC1) Form - Missed Exams/Assignments Form

If you are faced with an extenuating circumstance which causes you to miss an exam or assignment deadline, you must submit a PC1 form to your local examinations office. The form and all of the information regarding the procedure for handing it in is available here, as well as in your local Student Advice Office. You should submit this form along with a professional opinion form, available here


You can use this form if you miss an exam for an unexpected reason, or become ill during an exam. You must accompany the form with a 'Professional Opinion Form' which provides evidence of your illness/other circumstance. 


(i) In the case of course work and attendance at mandatory classes, the deadline for submitting a Personal Circumstances form is normally not later than two working days after the scheduled hand-in date for the assignment

(ii) In the case of Examinations, the completed form should be submitted normally not later than two working days after the last Examination taken.



If you need help filling out your form, you can contact a Student Advisor. 



Cheating in an Exam

Whether by accident or on purposehaving notes or a mobile phone on your person, or answers scribbled on your arm during an exam is a breach of the General Assessment Regulations which state that 'no unauthorised material' is allowed. The only permitted equipment is that which has been authorised by both the Examinations Office and the Disability Service, for example, certain calculators and supportive technologies. 

Students who are caught cheating will receive a letter inviting them to a Panel of Enquiry which a given date. The  Panel will consider each breach on a case-by-case basis. At worst, you could be expelled from University, or you could be asked the exam or entire module which will be capped at 40%.


Accompaniment to a Panel of Enquiry 

If you would like a member of the independent Students Union to accompany you to your Panel of Enquiry, please contact us as soon as possible to give us time to facilitate this. 


Appealing the Decision of a Panel of Enquiry 

You must satisfy one of three grounds in order to appeal the decision: