This section covers complaints to do with your program of study. If you want to know more about making a complaint regarding your safety or wellbeing, for instance, if you are being bullied or harrassed, you can access that information here. 

Academic Quality Complaints 

The following Student Complaint procedure applies to all students registered on programmes leading to TU Dublin awards. They allow students to make a complaint in instances where quality assurance procedures have not been followed in relation to a programme, for example:

  • A programme is not delivered according to the published information provided to students (Programme Document, Student Handbook);
  • Student class representatives were not invited to Programme Committee meetings;
  • Relevant programme information, i.e., Student Handbook, is not provided to students;
  • Any other issue related to programme delivery.

1)  a) If the issue is about a specific module or exam: You or your class rep can speak with your lecturer informally about the issue. Address your concerns, what you think a good solution would be, and come to an agreement with your lecturer. If the lecturer is unavailable for an extended period of time, you can follow step 1) b)

1) b) If the issue is about a programme, for example, timetable issues, poor academic facilities, placement issues: You or a class rep can speak informally with your Year Coordinator, Tutor,  Assistant Head of School, or Head of School. You can contact your School Administrator if you are unsure who the right person is to go to. Different areas of each program can be managed differently in each School. Address your concerns, discuss what you as a class think a good resolution would be, and come to an agreement with your School. 

2) If these steps do not result in an amicable resolution, you can follow the Student Complaints Procedure, which will be available here shortly. If you have followed the above steps, and want to know more about the procedure, you can contact a Student Advisor